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  • I'll email you if you'd like, and discuss with you some of those things you've asked in your post.

    EDIT: Sorry, SoS, nvm, I just watched the video posted after your post and it pretty much answered your question for you. So you might not need anything further, info or thoughts-wise, from me. But you can let me know if you do. :)
    Saw you had visited my page.. so thought i'd stop by to say hi :) I hope you are doing ok. :hug:
    Oi!!!! Well, if you want to send me PM to me. You was not able to send? Well, my box is not full. When you want to write. Kisses...
    Haha! Yeah, I know the feeling.. sitting here at work yawning ma head off. :lol:
    My Gran is doing very well. :) Thank you for remembering and asking.
    Take care & Have a good day! :flowers:
    I send hugs to all fans :) We all need them to be strong!
    God bless you, keep the faith
    wow ~thanx you ~aww your sweet :wub:
    well ...admitedly , we never spoke all that much ~i was shy of you , i get like that ,im boring theres nout to yap about with me :lol: so i spared you haha meh might as well say it :lol: realy , im sad to hear you are going though, what makes you leave , is it just temp or :unsure:
    maybe i should pm you my msn or somat ?
    was i fuun in rt ? aw , they are all so fun there , its a blast there innit ,
    oh i hope you come back to us all SOS ..whenever you are ready and all .
    Hey Sos! If you get a chance to read this I just wanted to say that you were a very special part of the "Love in the Dark" thread - and all the other threads here at MJJC! I really enjoyed all of your insightful posts. Now you are on to bigger and better things! May god bless you in every area of your life and in all that you do! You will be missed! Feel free to join us again anytime!
    May God bless you in these months to come. Remember, you have His anointing on you, and you are a very special daughter of His. His Love will sustain you, always.
    OMG that was so sweet of you to ask and I havent replied back yet, so so sorry.
    I was at work when I read this but meant to get back to you.
    Just reminded me when I saw you online LOL
    Yeah she was sent back to her home, amazing really everyone travelled there coz they were told she might not make the night then she picked up, obviously she isnt well and will be a up and down thing from now on. Thanks so much for asking. :hug: I hope you are well. :flowers:
    Thank you so much. :) & Thanks for that song.. it was lovely. I hadn't heard that before. Thanks again. :hug:
    Yep thats moi :blush: TY lol I was messing about with one of my girls hats that day haha! I dont usually wear hats. Glad you are feeling good. :hug: I am alright.. Just feeling a little sad. My dad's mum was taken to hospital yesterday it doesnt look too good they didnt even think she'd make the night but she has. She lives in Scotland & I havent seen her in a long time I am feeling pretty bad about that right now.. But these things happen & she was old so it's not too much of a shock but it isn't nice. :sigh: Other than that all is well.. Yw for the visit. :p Have a good day!
    SOS, I emailed you. Just letting you know on here because it's not a PM. In case you don't think to check. Be prepared to be in the mood for reading I think I have a lifes story in there.
    You should go read now! I added a ton of stuff. Maybe not really related on the surface, but it was a thought I was following. OK.. nite nite or night night.. sleep well Oh my.... 3 am??? what was I thinking? I wanted to go to bed early tonight.. guess that I can do that still since it's morning already. So I guess I wanted to go to bed early LAST night. byebye! thanks for the rep :)
    aww you're welcome, thanks for the reply. :flowers:
    I've had a fantastic christmas and I hope Santa was good to you too! :santa:
    btw, thank you for the compliment on the pic you made me blush:blush: haha
    well take care and i hope to talk to u soon. bye! :)xx
    Merry Christmas, SOS! :xmas1:
    I hope you have a great time with your family. God Bless! :hug:
    You're welcome, no problem!!Im sure MJ is ok and just recovering.. seriously, your post made perfect sense. and i think you maybe right :)!! :hug: heheh i'll try not to brake those wings..just for MJ! :)and everyone in the "In the dark thread!" :p
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