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  • ok, I'm back with questions. There is a person on Facebook who has said that MJ and his father had an argument shortly before his death. Also, they are saying he wanted to speak with his father the night before he died but wasnt able to get through. There is also talk of a "fan/follower" intervention intended and that MJ called these fans the night before he died to meet them. The fans wanted to intervene because MJ was "sick" and not in good shape to perform. They talk about Joseph being seen banging on the gates of the Holmby hills house. Please can you make sense of this for me.
    ace karaoke,!!!! LOL, that and that damn halloween store! Katie, why my toes be long cuttin thru my tube socks? You know im innocent when I be on the pole! BONANZA!
    shit well if brooke was actually a good friend to mj, i wouldn't have been pissed. same goes for half the folks that was there. omg i was trying totell u who was who and u were like 'i don't give a shit' just shhhhhh. stranja in muscooooow
    lmao right! I loved his speech tho lol. And they wud clsoe lol dipshits lol. And right i had to remind u more than once where we were lol
    lmao right smh smh smh!! ugh! and haha man that was sooooooooo funny. and kobes wife n kim do look alike lmmfao! theyre so purrrrrrrttttttty. and u went to the bathroom and al sharpton started speaking lmao.
    Oh, wow! I'm a new-ish member here, so I'm still trying to figure out who's who around here. So you're sorta a friend of the family or at least someone who personally knows them (?) Wow, that's cool.
    Thanks. I think she's very sweet and much understood by many MJ fans. Did you ever actually meet her?
    You're a walking Michael Jackson and Jackson family encyclopedia - very impressive.
    lmao i cudnt make it out lmao!! send me the pic in a pm. and i TOLD u dont park there lol,but noooooooooooooooo u did it anyway lmmfao!! and ugh i cant believe we were n that damn line in that neighborhood when ur dad called lol. i was sooo ticked
    nope, i love u more, and iDIGG it!!! lol thats when we were waiting @ the wrong hotel like 2dumbasses lol....whats the last picture?
    Thank you soso
    im just cranky these days
    wish i could blame it on PMS :)
    luv yu K _ I really do (hugs)
    Can I see a full picture of your avatar? I think its really cute.
    Girl, Momma had to get the fuck up outta here. I needed a break - need a longer one but I gotta get this project done now. What you need anyway? :lol:
    Lawd don't unleash kk! well, maybe you should :lol: Come back to privacy pleaseee.. we miss ya.
    Hello Soso Deaf!
    Would you pls tell me where I should post my question about HIStory show quality? There are so so many links to download HIStory show but I wanna know which one is the BEST quality!!
    So where should I post my question?
    Thank you!!
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