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  • I really love your new tattoo :)
    I will be getting one soon that is similar
    Hey, Kate, just wanted to let you know that that shit with the autopsy was posted in the "MJ 1958-2009" forum as well, a thread named "Michael's body damaged" or something..... is it possible to merge it with the other one at Tabloid Junk?

    I just hate seeing all this crap posted on the forum, it's hard enough as it is to have to read this as well...

    I'm thinking about getting one once the drama dies down i'll let you know when I do it :)
    I am... I've accepted it... I don't like it... but I've accepted it.
    Did you update your tatt? I've always really loved your tatts
    Hi Soso Def, please check out member bubbles09. I'm about to cuss him out.check
    the last couple ot post, please. Seems to be some kind of lurker to me, some kind of hater.
    We are hurting now, that bS does not belong here.

    Thanks, holla back
    Oz is ok :)
    I can imagine how crazy it's going to be for you guys now and as shattered as I am... know that I'm thinking of you guys I'll try to get on MSN at some point :hug: take care of yourself
    Please let the others know I'm around if they need a hug as well :)
    ah Lenore....long lost name of yore LOL the wine is quite suitable and the weather has become a tad bit untamed at times but all is well....sample as you wish but do not over
    do it ....revenge a word that strikes the core.
    Have thou a goodly day now. Smiles.
    Tick tock tick tock The Tale Tale Heart! :)
    How you be? HUG I made a mistake and replied to myself? wt? haha
    Hi,how do you know if you have got reps to receive,I have looked at my user cp and there is about 4 but how do you put them under your name or what do you do with them
    Argh! There was a totally nasty thread with even nastier posts and no mods around. They lured peeps in with a heading about new music. I think there were around 80 posts before the thread was killed. I meant to pm you, not message you. Didn't know who I could get here first.
    Dang, that's scary. I'm glad he's better now. He's so sweet looking! Thanks for looking in to it for me. I've been miffed a few times, cause there were things I just HAD to repsond to, but couldn't, lol.
    Girl, I can't! lol, the mods have got me in perminent mod que or something and I haven't been able to post in months! It's alright, I'm still around. You can let em' all know if you want. I don't want anyone to worry. How have you been by the way?
    not a bitch my ass ... you deleted my comment on ya damn blog :angry:
    dont make me get kathy Griffin on yo azz... I'll cut a bitch :lol:
    That sucks Katie. i'm sad to hear that you were in so much pain :( I had that problem the other day too :cry: It's no fun to get older :no:
    hey there, I hope you have a great birthday.

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