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  • diane!!! i got the job in disneyland!!! and i'm officially going NUTS. this is crazzzyyyyy but i'm soooo excited!!! :huggy:
    oh sounds great! i've never been there but that job would be awesome, keeping my fingers crossed!
    yeah slave to the rhythm is amazing.. i actually applied for summerjob in disneyland paris, now i'm just waiting to get the answer, it should come next week.. :bugeyed
    heyy! thanks for asking, i've been very good lately actually :) how are u?

    hope u had a nice christmas & happy new year to u too! :)
    no i didn't see it because we were in france.. i see mika kallio wasn't classified :( what's the difference with this moto2 and 250cc, or is it just a new name??
    france was great, have to get back there someday! (without my parents, I'd prefer hehe :D) hope you've been ok :)

    hey didn't the moto gp season start already? excited much?

    Well, I've been busy with school but I've started drawing again, yes!
    I'm now doing a drawing of Hugh Laurie (House)! And when that one is finished, I might try to do a colored drawing, I got new colored pencils for christmas.
    How are you?
    Hey hunny,

    "Christmas is a necessity. There has to be at least one day of the year to remind us that we're here for something else besides ourselves."

    Wishing you a fruitful Christmas with your loved ones~~

    ~Merry Christmas~

    With L.O.V.E.
    Ori [img]
    Wowza! As long as you're enjoying it! :) Should be good on Wednesday! A huge group hug is definitely in order! Or do like they did on the trailer, hands in, "MICHAELLLLLLLLL" :) x
    Hey, I'm good thanks, yourself? Wow a bit demanding 40 hours? lol The 28th is gunna be a very mixed emotion night! Tissues at the ready! x
    Hey, sorry I haven't replied in a long time, been realllly busy with then new career path, a lot of stuff has gone down.

    How you doing? Started university?
    I see you're going to the Vue O2 Arena Event that Motsey organised. Should be good to see you.

    Take care, Andy xx
    Thanks! sounds cool, hope you can show the community your recent art :). What university are you heading to? if you like to drink, be warned you will be drunk 24/7 for fresher week lol! :p
    I haven't been up to much really, just picking myself up again. I'm getting into a partnership with my old school, they're hoping to turn it into a basketball academy and they want me to assist in running it and be a full time coach there, which is pretty good opportunity. This year has obviously been pretty hectic, I think this will set me on the right path again. :) x
    Heyy, I'm doing good thanks!

    NY was out of this world. Got to do so much in so little time. Really got away from everything, had so many distractions to keep things at bay. :)

    How have you been keeping? xx
    mm...yes, we'll meet each other one day
    abd it will not be so far^^
    Hope you have a nice weekend too~~
    wow, so great...you know, i just came back from london
    if i'm not need to go to school, i think i will stay at there until 30August, really so sad><
    but i think i will still join some celebration activities here,
    i think i will send a ballon to Michael, um...i'm not sure of that...
    hope you have a good day on 29August in London^^

    bless you, *hugggggs*
    Hello again :)

    I'll probably be at the O2. Or whatever the majority of the fans are doing. Do you have any specific plans?
    hi, so far haven't to see you...
    How are you doing???
    Hope you all well^^my friend
    what will you do on 29August,2009???????
    Cool, would love to see some designs on the MJJC Shop! :) I go on Thursday. Pretty excited, going to a birthday celebration in a Brooklyn park for Michael's birthday. x
    Hey, that's alright, I managed to get some :). Things aren't too bad, just a little annoyed about how it seems like we'll have to buy tickets for the cinema release like a concert.

    How are you? x
    Oh ok cool. Thanks! :)

    I believe the next meet up is on the 29th at the clubhouse, I know Gary said he would be there. Obviously I can't go, gunna try and meet some of the US members in NY!
    But the one I'll be organising will be the 30th October. Theres a thread stickied on the Vigil and Gathering's section :). Gunna be big!

    After all that, I'm doing alright thanks! How about you? x
    Hey, do you happen to have access to the MJJC logos? Just I would like to use a few and seeing as though you're on the design team, I thought you might have them :)

    It would be good to put names to faces :) I'm gunna be catching up with Gary soon, I've put forward a MJJC meet up to him, so we're gunna discuss that :)
    no! i'm not sure if i'll ever get OWN car (when i'm still living with my parents) i'll just drive my mum's toyota haha :D
    haha :D well i can imagine motorbike being more exiting but that's not really my thing, i prefer watching! ;)
    that's so true michael tought us so many things! i haven't had any lessons yet they're only starting this friday! i won't be driving the car yet though. probably in few weeks i'll go behind the wheel for the first time, eeks.
    haha.. well my main interests are languages (mainly english and french but i also study swedish) and geography.. we'll see where these interests lead me in my life, haha. i have no idea what i'm gonna do after high school..
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