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  • yep..:D though also veeeery stressing! i have my driving lessons at the same time, every friday after school, like i wouldn't have anything else to do..
    sorry i've forgotten what did you do again? i think you're not in shool anymore, lol :D
    aww that's cute to have a star named after him. yeah i will always remember michael when i see beautiful stars.. or just look to the blue sky where's no clouds.. or with clouds, doesn't really matter. i will always remember him :)
    he will live forever in our memories..
    i have no idea yet.. i can't travel anywhere.. there's some fans going to look up to the stars and play his songs that night so that could be something i could participate too. look up to the stars *sigh*
    ahh yea i got it.. well good then that it didn't mean the world to you. :)
    i'm doing fine.. i still have my sad moments but mostly i'm coping just fine. what about you?
    Ah cool.

    I'm in NYC for his birthday so I'm pretty sure something will be going down out there. Not sure with the Vienna thing yet, I've heard its gunna be in September so I might try and go, I'll have to see.

    But whatever goes down, I hope it's very fitting for fans. :)
    i just try and tell people the truth. A mass burning would be brilliant lol. Imagine burning a bunch of papers in London, that would be manic!
    Are you doing anything for Michael's birthday or even gunna try and go to the tribute in Vienna?
    Glad to hear. Definitely is crazy.

    I'm doing okay with it, just getting a lot of my friends asking about things (all of it being tabloid), some of them just don't understand that the tabloids don't tell us the news/truth but rather do it for profit/ratings.
    How do you mean, you can't get a forum up?
    I'll surely tell my friend they should vote :D
    I voted 3 times so far, and I voted other ones down :D
    I think you're second right now, right after those twins
    I really hope you make it :D
    hey that's great!
    i'm trying to enjoy my summer holiday before i start my summer job.. :)
    :eek: that's awesome!
    motogp too, nice!
    You gotta tell me if you make it or not! I want to see you on tv if you make it
    Say, how many times can you vote? LOL:D
    My dad always watches superbike!!! He's a Ducati fanatic :D
    I saw the last race yesterday too, so who will you be umbrella girl for?
    Hello !!
    Sure... to vote for you, all i needed to do to was rate the pic with the five red stars, right ??
    Good luck !!
    you've met him 7 times?! lucky girl... yeah i definitely should so we could hang together :yes:
    that is so cool of course i'll rate you! you would be a perfect umbrella girl :yes: I watch MotoGp myself, too, Mika Kallio is there! :heart:
    I've voted/rated you! Good luck with that! I'm not into motorcycles, but I love karting, so that's a close second.
    No :(
    can't go there on my own
    I really really really really really really hope they'll broadcast it live!
    LOL, thanks a lot!!!
    They're all just for practice really...
    I love drawing and I think the best way to learn and get better is to draw, a lot :D

    Do you have other drawings then the ones you posted?
    Hey if your still looking to set up a website you should defiantly check out www.Bigcartel.com, im using it now and its super easy to set up and start selling your designs!
    I need it now! :p definatly set up a website you do not understand how long i have been looking for a fitted long mj vest for xx
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