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  • I was wondering about you....i'm hanging the best way i mom...she has lots of ups and downs during the day.She will have brain surgery hopefuly in september
    Everyone is doing as good as they can. My wife has been looking for work, my daughter is growing like a weed, and I'm working hard. It's been a tough week but I'm hanging in there.
    Hey SShan.

    I was wondering about you. I haven't seen you since the news broke about MJ. Hopefully you are doing well and hanging in there.

    Saw you on here just now and thought I would just say Hiiiiiiiii.. :)
    How have you been? Haven't seen you in forever. Hope school is going well for you. Good luck with your project.
    Hi there,
    I'm Cicely. I actually did a presentation on PETA a while ago and although it wasn't centered around MJ, I included him as an example of someone caring for non-domesticated animals and the proper law and protocol for it. Good luck! I hope to see you around the board :D
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