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  • Hello!

    Is this forum still under the control of MJ fans?
    I wonder why the blockt member JCO8 back here!!!
    I thought he was blockt since the beginning of Feburay!
    Why you don't block some of the absoltute doubters in MJs innocence like this Speed Demon 87 from this forum.
    They didn't help the community in this difficult times.
    hello, u! how you doin? thanks for writing that on the messages to michael page. Take care Stace x
    Sorry guys, now I'm not staff I guess I lose PM space! I will delete now so PM me again! :)
    Hey Stace :D, delete some of your private messages homegirl, u over/quota. *hug*
    That's good to hear :)

    Aww don't say that, you're not ancient, I'm the one who has just officially become an adult :lol:
    Hi, I would be glad if you could check out my new poem. It´s in "Michaelmania" - "To My Dearest Michael". Please, leave a comment there. Thanks in advance. :)
    I intend to renew my 'Donator' status shortly. I was just wondering if the gold badge, and the attendant privileges, are added to my profile automatically or whether a staff member has to manually move me into that group?
    Yeaaaaa, the pic is awesome huh! =)

    ehmm, i L.O.V.E his bad era....omg...especially how he looks in Speed Demon..... GOSH.
    how old are you if i may ask? =)

    Omg, here...Enjoy...and fall in love....

    GOSH! so you aren't a BBB anymore?

    Ehm, well maybe you have read my "biography" in my "About Me" section, that's pretty much how i became a fan...
    and when i was like the age of 8/9 i was always scared to tell my friends at school that i was a MJ fan....coz everyone would think he was weird...coz of his surgeries and stuff....

    and i must say, then we have the same story, as older i got, i got to know more about him, and what he was doing to the world....and i fell in love aswell...he is just simply amazing!

    Do you have a favorite Era? =)

    TheDutchAppleheaddddd!! hehe


    Awh, that's amazing!!
    hehe i just saw we have the same Blackberries hehehe

    Yes, i have been to London before.
    and i had tickets for February 24, to see MJ live...
    but ok...lets not talk about that huh...

    For how long have you been a fan of him? =)

    Wanna be buddies?
    Hey Stacey! How are you today?

    Im looking to meet Michael Jackson fans from all over te world.
    i was hoping you might wanna get in touch with me? =D

    Hee hee,

    TheDutchApplehead x
    Hi :), sorry for disturbing you...

    Perhaps this is a ridiculous question, but how do I post a poll?
    Hi :) , just one more question..

    I think it has been previously answered but I'm too lazy to search through all threads..

    Sometimes (for example, for a few days right now) there is donation banner at the top of the main page where we can donate. So, my question is - can we donate when there isn't that donation banner?
    We can donate to this e-mail - and later tell that we donated to this e-mail - ?
    Hi :)
    I want to ask you - what does that plus ''+'' after profile name means? Why some users have it but some don't?
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