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    Hey stace!! sorry for some reason you better change your name to Steff lol, well might give ya a call soon and we can chat about concerts.
    Just stopping by, I think we are going to the concert at the same date :) July 16th. Cool! :) Looking forward?
    really, oh and i was lookin forward to that lmao:p
    will moonwalk a bit for ya as well !! :p
    stace that would be cool, and also dont forget in January omg i cannot wait, got a very special pressie for Michael, hope i can get it to him, all the people i used to know are no longer with him anymore, but the new security looks cool, plus my brother is supposed to be doing some security work there in August! so who knows, fingers crossed!
    Stace, great to see your coming to the shows im going to, maybe catch up with ya? great to be able to see old mates!!

    Take care
    No problem. I used to be old fashioned, too. But Facebook is pretty easy to use and a great way of keeping in touch. :)

    Hope to talk to you later today.

    9 shows! LUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!! My lucky number is 9, so I guess 2009 is my year! Do you have Facebook? :)

    Hope to chat soon, sweetie! xoxoxo

    Just added you to my messenger. :)

    We should definitely meet up while I'm in London! How many shows are you going to? :)
    Awww, you weren't a jerk and you're still not. We were both moody. :p But come on, we had an excuse!

    Thanks for accepting the add. Don't be a stranger!

    I'm so glad you're OK about everything. :) I wanted you to know I was sorry about kind of harassing you. I was stressed out, too, even though I've already got tickets.

    I'm also glad that things in your life are doing well. :) Hope we can be good friends, hun.

    Love ya and Blessings!

    Keep Michaeling,

    Hi, just dropping by to see how you're doing even though we had our little disagreement a little while back. No hard feelings. :)

    God Bless and Keep Michaeling!
    stacey sorry yep long time no chat how ru??? still likin my threads?? chat soon ok xx
    hey steff how the hell are you, now look no bum pinching when he goes on tour ok !! LMAO
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