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  • Hi :) , just one more question..

    I think it has been previously answered but I'm too lazy to search through all threads..

    Sometimes (for example, for a few days right now) there is donation banner at the top of the main page where we can donate. So, my question is - can we donate when there isn't that donation banner?
    We can donate to this e-mail - and later tell that we donated to this e-mail - ?
    Hi :)
    I want to ask you - what does that plus ''+'' after profile name means? Why some users have it but some don't?
    hey stace, how you doing? Im gutted ! Lost my Michael album and now i carnt listen to it in my car. Driving me mad! LOL
    hi speechles09 has got a new gif but it slows my computer and other peoples, please could you look at it
    Hi Stacey...I haven't got mu password yet....I understood this that way reading the thread, that I was accepted by you...wasn't I? If this is the case, thank you very much...I suppose the problem is I've changed my email account. This old account doesn't work anymore.
    My active email account:

    Sorry for the drawback..

    thanks for advance

    Megan :)
    Hi I have bined the password for conspiracy because I didant think I would need it,if I put it in once but now it isant letting me in I got to put the password in again but I don't know it,also how many points do you need to get a green square?
    ok but don't you think the MJJC shop should come off the banner, because there isn't anything in it
    hi do you know where i can get a MJJC forum tshirt i know they are avaliable because i have seen someone wearing one
    Hi, my previous account was named MJHDvideos. Problem is that I can't access 2000 watts section with that account, so I don't use it anymore. Can you please change my name from RudolfMJHDvideos to MJHDvideos?? :)
    It would be very appriciated..
    Thanks ;)
    Thank youuu my friend.
    God bless youuuuuuuu :clapping::tease:
    Hi how are you? Do you know how to put the facebook icon on your profile, I don't know what part of the link to put in
    Hello Stacy and Happy New Year. I just wanted to thank you for taking control of the situation in the Elton John thread. I truly appreciate it.

    Unfortunately, even in the Michael fan community, there exist homophones such as Asedora. There is a blog called "Vindicating Michael," in which the bloggers attempt to dispel the nonsensical stories about Michael. Sadly, the head blogger is very homophobic as well, and dangerously so, even more so than Asedora. I've engaged in countless arguments with her, but like Asedora, she subscribes to archaic and outdated belief systems, both religious and not.

    Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for standing up to this disease of ignorance and intolerance. My gay friends and I truly appreciate it.

    Once again, Happy New Year.


    well please can you ask me first because I am on here all the time lol and would love to learn how it all works x
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