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  • Hey there Stace. Have a great New Year! Look after Soph and Becs for me :) Missing you all heaps and wish I was back. We need to catch up! Take care... Ben
    Thanks for taking care of that spammer so fast! And it's fun to see what you look like (your profile pic). You're a cute girl! :) You have a nice smile and look very kind. Thank you for your hard work as a mod.
    Hey Stace, been long time, take care and hope you have a great xmas and even better 2011 xxx thanks for nice comments . Luv ya .Terry x
    Hey Stacey, just passing by to thank you again for all your help, sweetie. I really appreciate everything. :heart:
    Hey Stacey, thank you very much my friend!

    Everything is fine here, hope in your sweet life too;-)

    L.O.V.E. Simon
    Hi Stacey: Had a message note but this page comes up. Did you receive
    my last note about 15 minutes ago?

    Hi Stacey: Just wanted to let you know I replied to a post from OffTheWall79 that was frankly insulting to me as a long time MJ fan. It was on the New Album thread. I don't want to pick fights in any way, but when someone says to you "that you are not a big fan, and you do not give a shit" then I just could not ignore it. There are all kinds of MJ fans and even if you haven't heard HMH that doesn't mean you are not a big fan. Anyway, I hope you know I am here in no way to cause problems. I love MJ like everybody here. Thank you, tricia
    Happy Birthday.:) Thanks for your efforts as a 'Senior Staff' member at MJJC. They are appreciated.
    Hope you're having an amazing day lovey, you deserve it! Whoop whoop!!!!!! :birthday:
    Hello Stacey, sorry for bothering you , but could you please check my account for problem? I dont know what happen, you know, I can not access almost all the boxes in our forum.
    Thank you very much in advance.
    hey stace, sending you love and comfort today, wish i could of been with you all in London, its hurting so much already today! I feel so empty. :(
    Hey Stacey,

    how are you doing Dear?

    I just wanted to wish you a great day and tell you that i think a lot of you, i wish i would have more time so we could be more in touch!

    Lots of Love,
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