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  • Hello Stacey!
    I'm just following you on twitter! ^^
    do you have an youtube page?
    God bless, L.O.V.E.
    Hi there,

    Just letting you know I'll be away for a little while longer, I need to send in my old laptop so I can get my new one. I'll talk to u when I get back.

    Love and Hugs!
    Hi, Stacey. How are you? ^_^
    I'm about to donate but i cant find the donation button. Is it just me not to see it or it happens to everyone?
    Thank you!
    Yup, hanging in there and doing okay. Big hug! :)
    Thanks for the rep points! I miss him too :cry: I hope you are well :) x
    Hey I just follow you on twitter, but I dont use twitter that much! so :no: way I'm going to use twitter thats for sure!
    Awww, my first visitor message! And it's from you, making it extra special! Love you Jelly Tot xxx
    Hey Stacey, the only UK concerts that have been postponed are the Manchester concerts 8th and 9th April to the 16th and 17th June and the Glasgow concert 11th April to the 1st May. Whitney is out of hospitial now so hopefully your will be OK. *Fingers Crossed*
    No problemo my dear! Am working until half 6 but will be on in the evening. Love you lots xxxx
    Stace so this moderating business-where do I start oh wise one. You are my Obi Wan to my Luke!
    Oh my bad on the double thread post. I just emailed the address before to get the password for the case forum part.
    Thanks! Nice recent pic you posted in the pic thread btw! :lol: Very angelic. :yes:
    thank you i appreciate it. I hope you dont get sick like me. :hug:
    Im sick :(
    I just caught a cold yesterday morning and it got worst today.
    Im trying to stay productive. I have a presentation i need to complete today. I hope I can make it on time.
    How are you? :huggy:
    Miss Stacey..How are you sweety? Checkin in on you...guess that you've been out there keepin everyone on their toes :lol: keep up the grreeeat work* Sending you much :wub: chica!
    The last PM I got from ya was from the 9th. Sorry I haven't been online much lately, it's been pretty hectic around here with work, and dealing with wife and child. I have to work 5AM to 130PM Tuesday morning US central time, after that, I should be available if you want to do some mod training.
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