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    I still can't believe he's dead!!!!!!!!!!

    That sucks--I wish I had seen him. I barely (barelyyyy) remember him on the TV in about 2005, when the trial was going on. I faintly remember my parents talking about it in the living room and Michael dancing on the car. It's such a faint memory, but at least I know the feeling of having him on...
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    Michael in the Media - Thread for Miscellaneous Articles

    Michael knew how to be warm, but there were times when he was conceited and cold. I believe him.
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    The Infamous Lip Biting

    Mhm! I agree
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    The Infamous Lip Biting

    Why did this thread die
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    Michael by Greg Gorman, 1987

    I think it's an interesting picture. He's not angry LMAO! He just looks like he is thoughtful. The legwarmers are dumb to me the socks??? I think the picture would be more picturesque if he just had bare feet. Or just photograph nude? But that was the conversation between he and...
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    A site MJ fans should not visit.

    The Beatles had some hits, but eh they aren't that special to me. So, some people feel the same about Michael. It's life. What can you do, Xeones? Cheers to the New Year, by the way.
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    If there was evidence that Michael ever harmed a child,would you still be a fan?

    If there was evidence, absolutely not. I already am not in favor of some business moves he made.
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    What's The Time?

    Re: What's The Time? Yup, about that time for me as well! 6:56 now.
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    The Decade of the Michael Jackson Estate? An in depth discussion about victories and losses.

    Why not "Cry"? That song actually put me in tears when I first realized it existed.