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  • :waving: Hey Stargirl. I haven't seen you on msn in a while and wanted to know how everything was going. :hug:
    hey there! :) thanks for adding me as a friend. i have msn, but it's hard for me, cus i usually post outside of real time, because i tend to go in and outdoors a bit. i know that when i am here, i post a lot, but then, i can suddenly have to go out for something, so that makes real time kinda not work. but we can always communicate here pm... i love your posts, too. they are deep and strongly spiritual. hope to hear from you soon:yes: *****HUGS******
    Star...I know so well what you are going you are feeling...I feel the same sometimes.To be honst,i feel the same way almost every night since Michael...
    But you know what dear?Michael can help you if you allow him.Back in 1995,he saved my life when i tried to die...Michael is an long as yiou have him in your heart,he is alive.~
    Please reach me anytime you need to talk.Take care.God You dear
    Sweet one, pl. hang on. I feel exactly the way you do like you say in your first post..but we won't meet hm inn heaven if we we go like this. God and Mike won't be pleased. We all need you. pl. be our strength by staying. Live for his legacy, for us. pl...I'm dead in every way, thats how I feel, but we have to wait till our time coms naturally. we love you. we need you stargirl. you'll kill me to if you go..
    how u feeling now stargirl,i will pray for u and all mj fans,god plz give us strenght to get through this,take care babe
    praying for you.. please I feel so terrible too but please dont hurt yourself!
    you are wonderful !you make us proud :wub: you will contuie with your poems
    i feel you have a beautiful gift :heart:
    Stay strong..stay strong for michael - do it for him <3

    if you need to talk at any time here is my msn

    we WILL get through this <3
    Michael was the world to us and it's a shame that he's not in it any longer. I know he would not want us to harm ourselfs in any way. Please dont be so silly as to do this. I know I could never do such a thing. I love life too much. If I can help in any way, please add me to MSN. :)
    Please, don't do anything rash. Michael is watching over you now, he's your angel, he's all of our angel... he's one busy guy.. And he wouldn't want you to do this.. This place is still a place of solace, we're all here for you, Just please let us know you're ok!
    Stargirl, please, be strong. For Michael!!!! I keep doing the same. I know it hurts, it hurts everybody but remember, Michael was strong, we need to be strong too!!!! *hugs*
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