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  • Hey Starlight!

    I was out of town on a job assignment for 2 days & just got back home to catch up. Yup, we have lots in common!!!
    Yeah, I'm going to leave a message on my own profile:

    For people who decide to PM me, if you're rude on a thread topic, what makes you think I want to read your rudeness over at my PM box? Not happening. Chances are, I already added you on my ignore list.

    Also, if you PM me about trying to change my opinion about the This is NOT it Campaign, you epically failed. Don't even bother. Trying to force your opinion down member's throats never works. Trying to force it down my throat makes it even worst for you. Don't.

    You are free to PM me though if you want to chat about things, or Michael or whatever. Just be nice. Don't be rude. Kindess takes you a long way.

    The reason why I don't take down the PM option in my profile is because I have great chats with some member's on this website and would like to continue doing so.

    So, just wanted to clarify that here on my profile for people who intend to PM me.

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