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  • Someone sent me a media fire link with 4.5 gb media coverage :) thank you for uploading it. Do you have This Is It (O2 conference) and other media coverage?
    Thank you for responding :ciao:I'm still looking for things online so I won't make people upload things that are already online. Here are the things that I really wish I could have again (but so far couldn't find):

    Frontline: Tabloid Truth (The Michael Jackson Story) 1994
    2003-2005 Trial footage
    2008 MJ interview with GMA (for this 50th Birthday)
    The TSCM collection (home videos, 2009 coverage, etc)
    VH1 Making of Ghosts

    I am on a mission to find so many things now so if there's anything I can do to help you find something, I'd be happy to try.
    How are you? Your inbox is full :)

    I really desperately need any fan' help ... I lost all my MJ collection. Is there any way you could help me with some videos? :unsure:

    Could you free up some space in your PM box so I can send you a message, please? It's in relation to a post you made in the Wade thread. I was hoping you could help me. :)

    Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have a wonderful day. Thank you for being a great friend. I wish you the very best my dear. :hug:

    Yes, you're right, that's really frustrating. We can only wait and hope she's ok. I don't know what else can we do.
    Hello, how are you?
    Just wanted to know if you heard anything from *Billie Jean*? I saw that you commented on her thread too. I hope she's ok..I'm really worried about her. so if you hear anything from her, let me know. :)
    Hey know this is Destiny from Face Book? lol! Not sure if I ever said hi on MJJC cause I know you from Myspace and facebook! lol!
    I'm fine, thanks. :D I was just worried if you didn't save it and had to painstakingly type it ALL up again.:bugeyed
    Hey Steph, I hope you got a back up of the huge Schmuley excerpts you posted...
    thanks for the rep&comment :) .. it baffles me how anyone could doubt MJs charitable nature. Thats what he was about.
    Thanks for the friend request! :) What a random and pleasant surprise! I'm not on very much compared to some but u can still PM me anytime.
    hi steph ru same one that used to be one glove one hat or someting on mjjf? and went to work for mjj europe for gary???
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