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  • Hi, girl!!!
    It´s been a long time since we´ve talked. Take a look at the section "fan art". I´ve posted my first poem that I´ve written today. Don´t ask me how I could write something like that - it just came through my mind. (I think that Michael helped me with that)
    Hope to hear from you, soon!!!
    Hi! Thanks for accepting my friend request! :) How are you? I love the red hat in your avatar! It's very cool!
    Hey, girl!!!! I´ve passed the last exam for the ECDL!!! So, within the next week the certificate will be send to me!!! I still cannot believe it!!! Hope you´re as happy as me!!! Take care, girl!!!
    Don´t stop ´til you get enough!!!
    Still didn´t have it. At 1:00 pm the exam will start. But I´ve past the demo-exam with success!! So still time of shivering!!!
    Take care, girl!!!
    Hi, girl!! Hope you´ll be online later that day!!! Today I´ve got my last exam for getting the ECDL!!! Hopefully I´ll pass it with success!!!
    Take care!!! Don´t stop ´til you get enough!!!
    Info Billetter til festpremieren kan kjøpes på Klingenberg søndag 27. september kl. 00.01, 1 minutt over midnatt, natt til søndag.
    Billettsalget er åpent fra kl. 00.01 til kl. 02.00.

    De 500 første får en eksklusiv Michael Jackson's "This is it" miniplakat see

    keep michaeling
    hi, so far haven't to see you...
    How are you doing???
    Hope you all well^^my friend
    and what will you do on 29August,2009???????

    they did recived the copy of my passport ;)
    and everything is fine
    Hi Stine!! I just spoke with them & We still have the tickets...
    They're waiting for the Seller to Confirmed it :)
    OMFG!! CAN'T BELIVE HOW THE TICKET PRICES IS GOING DOWN.. The one we bought for :(Front Row is half the price now:doh:-_-...For the last 2 it's back on the list for now :huh::scratch:
    yeah i missed loads! but they don't care about us is an all time favourite of mine! i love it. i hope he does it. but whatever he does i will love! 45 days til i see michael jackson! i've been counting down since march, it was 136 days when i first started counting down :p
    who are you going with? i'm going with my mum and dad! :D
    aww that's sweet! jackson account! haha! i should of made one :( oh well, yeah i'm so happy to be going to one :)
    what songs would i like to here? oh urm, well all there is loads but some of my favourites i'm hoping he'll do are they don't care about us, heal the world, dangerous along with all the classics! :D which are you hoping he'll do :D? :)
    you're attending 15 concerts! :O how?!
    i'm only going to one!
    i still feel lucky!
    and you're front row 5 times :|
    i'm on the upper tier!
    how are you so lucky ;p

    sorry for the random comment! :D
    Yeah! that is nothing:D

    Okey! i'll catch you on msh in 1 hour.. i'm making my dinner at the moment*Panncakes*YummmY*

    Well! About the hotel. I'm staying at Tonys House Hotel until the 17th check out. Cause my friend will take the flight back that day to Sweden.. I'm not sure where I'll be staying the nights of July 17,18 check out the 19 or 20th??

    It had been cool if we could stay at the same on The nights of 17-20?? Okey!! Let me know later hun... Catch you later.. Have to check my panncake so i don't burn it :no: Hugsssssssss!
    LOL. It happens to the best of us. :p

    NEVER saw him before. Have you?

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