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  • hi
    my name's Catherine. i know what you feel. this is so hard. i'm trying to figure out my life too, because this world is new to me. i'm trying to find some sense in life in general. i think we're not the first who lost someone truly unique and dear to the heart. so i'm trying to understand something about life. but cannot.
    i just know that we have to go from day to day doing our choice between good and bad. i miss Michael terribly. if you wanna talk sometimes i would be glad.
    my msn is uppsala_mow@hotmail.com or icq 210-440-542
    Please enable your PM function.
    Note that your thread Michael's Ghost at Neverland? has been closed.
    Hey hun,
    I totally understnad if the hotel crashing thing is weird. So I def dont expect anything from that! I'm from NYC lol I can sleep anywhere, ive slept in worse place in ny!
    BUt I really do appreciate the offer and I hope something else turns up cus understand ur weariness, but id love to have people to at least hang with and be around the area with cus I know NOTHING of cali. Never been there
    my name is Rio and heres my number 646 2407564
    Text me or call i'd love to meet up at least to get a feel for the area and perhaps go to the event together tuesday.
    Thanks so much!
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