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  • Thank u so much for sharing your sister's story with me. That is very unfortunate indeed, and losing a baby, specially a full term baby is very devastating. My baby was only 11 wks and 3 days old and no words can help ease the pain. I can only imagine what she is going through. She must have been so brave to go through all of that alone for the first few weeks, not wanting to let everyone know because of the holidays. My heart goes out to her deeply. Talking about my loss to people actually helps a bit, not with the pain, but knowing that I am not alone. I hope that she takes her time to grieve for it will be a long one. My sister told me, "some people dream of angels, while you, even for a short time, got to be with one." Take care hun.
    Hey girl! We need to catch up! How is everything? Still rockin' with the boyfriend? How's school? Whatcha been up to? Been missin' ya round these parts! :hug:

    i just wanted to let you know that Hanson is Touring again this summer starting in July!! Heres a link to all the tour dates for the Shout It Out Tour!

    I also posted a theard with all the dates along with another one with their new music video Thinking Bout' Something. Enjoy and Hope you get to see the guys on tour again!!! :)
    I was wonderin' where you've been.... figured you were just busy with work and bf as usual. ;) How's all that goin' anyway? Things are good here. You've been missing about on some awesome group meditations in the psychic's been very interesting and fun connecting with the girls there.
    I think it's getting better around here as far as all the petty arguments between members and stuff. I feel like the vibe has calmed down. Then again, I really mostly hang out in the psychic thread and the man in the mirror there could be crap going on that I don't know of. lol. I know there's been all kinds of craziness involving the case with Dr. Murray - since he showed up at court uncuffed and quickly got out on bail. That's a whole mess I try not to focus on though....
    Anyway, hope you are doing fabulous! Miss seein' ya around! Much love :huggy:
    Hey hun!
    I got your card today! Thankyou so much, so sweet of you!
    So how are you doing? I haven't seen you much around here lately. :( Miss you! :hug:
    Hope all is well with you.
    Love and hugs xxxx
    Aw dang that sucks about the promotion...sorry to hear about that! And broke up with your ex right before Christmas? Dang girl. The guy you are back with now though...was that the one you showed me pics of before?

    Hope you're able to dodge that stomach flu...we don't have any of that goin' around here thank God! Not much going on in my neck of tha woods really...same ole same, which is a whole lot of nothing. lol. I'm really looking forward to March though...I think me and my parents will all be movin' out of Arkansas around that time. That's what we're hoping for anyway!

    Miss seein' you around!
    Gurrrl...long time no talk. Hope you're doing well!
    Happy New Year and lots of love! xx
    I just want to pop by and wish you a very Merry Christmas! I miss seeing you around. :( Hope to talk to you soon! :hug: :heart:
    Hey Casey!
    Just droppin' by to wish you a Merry Christmas!
    Hope you have nice days filled with love!
    Take care!:hug:
    awww your welcome!!! Im so glad you like everything!!!! :D
    Merry Christmas!!! :santa:

    Haha...I've had dreams about online friends nice that we got to have Thanksgiving together! hehe :cheers:

    So do you got fun stuff planned for your birthday? I'm not doin' anything special myself...might just go see a movie with ma babe. I need real friends! lol
    Hey chica! Thanks for droppin' in on meh...I know it's been awhile! I'm doin' alright...kinda feeling in a rut lately. But I'm totally excited that it's officially Christmas season! :newyear: And I can't wait until the new year. How's aythang on your end?
    It's all good, girl! We'll catch up on chat lata.
    But yeah..the drama is RETARDED. She's gettin' all in a huff acting victimized by "mean" people in that thread - which was a lame ass passive aggressive comment toward me because like a million posts back when we had what I thought was a healthy debate - she apparently thought I was attacking her and has held onto it since. FUCKING LAME...seriously.
    See yeah, there are a lot of "upsetting" threads around here that talk about Michael's pain and suffering throughout his life...but those do not get reported or deleted. While I have compassion for people's heartache here, I feel that my thread was reported not for the heartache but the underlying issue with religion and people choosing to take offense. If it's upsetting to them, they don't have to view - but the fact is I nor my photo was disrespectful in any way. The word "disrespect" is being used as a relative term in relation to my post for the people that had a problem with it. If it was truly disrespectful, everyone would see that. But it's only some people are saying it is, because they decide it to be that way! Oy. My head hurts, I'm done talking about that I really am ok with the decision the mods long as I am able to keep my other thread up that has a link to my posts.
    Hah...I was too! I was verry upset about it. I've had a day to cool down though, and I've talked to one of the mod's about it and she expressed it being an issue of compassion for some people here that were very upset about seeing Michael on a cross....which I understand. Still though (as I mentioned just a minute ago in reply to you on my post) if people don't like something, then they should just not visit the thread!
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