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  • Yeah, this really sucks. Really was looking forward seeing you again and share a bottle of wine again lol. I am coming from Amsterdam. I already searched for tickets at klm, cheap tickets, british airways, transavia and ryanair. I already offered to sell my ticket, but I havent got any reply so far, please let me know if u can find a ticket!! :)

    I am looking for bustickets now. xDD

    ARGH, I am so frustrated right now. I screwed up one of my exams, so I now need to re-take my exam...
    My original plan was to leave today, but now I'm forced to leave on saturday, but the problem is that tickets became real expensive (300+)...

    I'm still searching for cheap flights, I'm even looking for bustickets, but I guess there is no other option for me than to sell my fanday ticket...

    I'm so pissed right now...

    I'm sorry hun!!!! But I bet its lots of fun, think of me when you see Mikes gold pants!!

    I BOUGHT MYSELF A TICKET WOOHOO! I still dont know if im able to make it, but i better have ticket in case i end up going! hope to see you soon!! :D:D

    YEAH, I want to go so badly!! I just need to get a real life view on the Gold Pants. :p
    It's just that I'm having exams this week, so I might have a test on friday. I really hope I can make it, too bad dorethee isn't coming.

    Hiya, thanks for your message, how you doing hun? you seen THis IS it now?? We gotta meet up again hey, are you on MSN hun?? x Terry
    well the thing is, nobody pm'ed me...I mean I knew some people had problems with it, but I just didn't want to remove them. Well...a mod took care off it and just deleted them without even telling me...-.-;

    Would love to come back to London! It all depends on how much tickets are going to cost. I mean come on, 500 euro's for a tribute show...thats crazy. :p I hope Jermaine realizes that Michael has a lot of poor students in his fanbase lol. :)

    I know, I've been lurking most of the time since 25th June. It's still kinda messy...
    The birthday tribute was amazing! It was such a respectfull tribute and I had so much fun. I heard the same people who did the tribute in Best are working on a tribute in London! :)

    I was wondering something about your siggy. I remember you having the dates of the concerts in your siggy. Did you remove those dates yourself or did a mod deleted them? Someone deleted my dates without telling me why, and I'm pretty pissed off about the whole thing..

    um...i will join some celebration activities here~~
    will you send a ballon to Michael????
    i think there'll have some of his fans do it tmr, you know, its really a good idea^^
    and i think i will too, hope that Michael can receive our message~~~
    hi, so far haven't to see you...
    How are you doing???
    Hope you all well^^my friend
    and what will you do on 29August,2009???????

    heey girl! just got your message, my phone broke down. my trip was all fine, i discovered Primark..omg bargain heaven!! i went to the O2 the day after and dorythys and beccas posters were still up there, so was yours. they removed everything later that day, but those two big posters are still up there. there are still people writing down their messages. hope ur doing ok. :)

    hope there will be another, but a proper, tribute soon.

    not at all , i thought wow, here is a loyal and obviously very much caring person, and i was right!! Yep we all gotta meet up again soon!
    Hey hunx good meeting you, i really hope when we have next meet up !! We all should be together and have some great times.

    Hi,yes i got home safe and I have got some photos,I am on facebook put in sam mansell and go to the bottom and put my email address
    Oh yeah, I realized what day it is today! :(
    Hope he will do his best performance in heaven! :pray:
    Feel better Sam! *hugs*
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