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  • if i am coming , id be coming from cambridge not sure but hope to be there ~ah the wall no worrys . glad that you are reading it thanx you ~:lol:
    the spritual forum was great amazing to me yesterday ,its .i am learning myself and found it to be of great comfort .
    yor so welcome hun , also , michaels song that he hadnt finished , remeber the one depak chopra has a demo of , well that was appartently called "climate change" so i do belive that he is in the waether , yes i do , and it helped me the first few days to have the window open and to have the breeze in the breeze felt difrent and i couldnt explain that :huh: , it jst helped , and also i do rember that on the 26th june the weather was raing then ,thunder ~it was amazingly strange ... i truly belive he is in the weather , hes all around us , so why not in the waether you kno ? :huggy:
    i think your wonderful for picking it up , michaels passion for mother nature and her miricales .xxxx
    please dont feel silly for mentioning the rain , i feel that since his passing i feel that the wether gives me some kind of relife sugerbunny , we all know that michael was a humanatarian , sorry my spelling , he loved nature and wrote planet earth <remeber poem in dancing the dream > and he embraced earth song ,heal the world ... he had wind in his videos ~black or white ,the rain in stranger in moscow, the thunder ~ come on ~:huggy: ..just feel him darling in the weather ~i do , and it helps me , even if others dont want to or dont feel seneative to the weather , maybe this is your way/or just one of many ways of feeling him around you .reasuring you .. its raing as soon as i pressd the send button ,
    isnt that beautiful .
    Thanks for accepting :) sending you strength today. Its gonna be a tough day

    Btw, don't you want to edit your siggy plz! :( It really hurts to see these concert dates! Thx :p
    Aww I thought you felt better! :( Stay strong and keep the faith! That's the only thing I can say! HUGS
    For myself, I'm doing quite good though I'm very worried about a friend! :( She's offline since a week now! :(
    Hope you'll feel better very soon! :)
    hey leaving for LA in an hour. Ive pm'd u my number on twitter just in case you end up going x
    Yes I am alright. It's very nice that you care ^^
    I think the worst is over but I still feel very empty. It's like I've got a big black hole where my heart was =/

    Hope youi are hanging in there aswell!
    Yeah i'll be there on the 13th.

    For donations there is a link right at the top of the main page.. If you have trouble finding it let me know.

    Take care x :hug:
    thankyou honey,love straight back,i,ve just booked my flight to la my husband daughter and myself havn,t even got anywhere to stay yet,are you going,you can fill in the visa thing,you don,t have to put the aircraft carrier,it went straight through,let me know if you are coming so we can all meet
    Oh ok!
    Well it would be nice to meet you too, but for the 13th I think it can't be possible!
    My boss in France is looking forward to me, so if I come back and leave already, he must be quite angry at me! :(
    Maybe another day, for another meet up! I hope there will be others! :(
    No I can't! :(
    I would like to be there but cause of my placement and my job I can't! :(
    I saw you'll be there! I hope it will be great! I bet it will be!
    Are you still in England ?? Because I red that you left for the US ?? Right ??
    Feel better soon! You're not alone!
    How are you ?? I hope you're fine!!
    Be strong and this is a :hug: if you need one! :flowers:
    Hi, Thank you. I hope you are holding up ok too? :hug:
    Not doing too good at all... still feel as though I am living the worst nightmare.. :no:
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