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  • :lol: @ the game we played this afternoon!
    It was funny, isn't it ?? :)
    But I still and always win! :shifty:
    lol il let you know if i start producing those particular ones, i will probably set up a web page
    hi, do you still have your tickets for sale / trade?

    What is your price etc?
    Are you still interested in a swap? I think this could work out for me. Can i just ask where did you get your tickets from? Are they directly from ticketmaster? I think I should be able to meet you on the night to exchange in person. Thanks

    Hi.. I'm not planning to go twic in july.. I'm looking for ticket's on july 10,14,16 & may be the 18th too.. Do you know anyone that have those for sell ??
    How are you?
    I *think* I added you as friend on here? I'm not sure how I did it but cool! LOL!

    Write back x
    Beccccaa x
    well i know some people who are going to the july concerts so i will let you know if i come up with something ;)
    ah well then i misunderstood i guess :D

    hmm well how much would the swapper (lol) have to pay to you, besides the ticket? just curious - maybe a friend from finland would like to change...
    hey there. how much would you want for your tickets? i have 2 30th july block 103 tickets... how much would i have to pay besides giving you the tickets? :)
    spoke to lastminute, very polite, but cudn't tell me bugger all, she said that they don't have that info available, but aeg won't be able to tell me either. Gotta wait 3 months to find out grrr. O and i asked bout more tickets and she said "I don't think so, we haven't been given any information on that".
    why don't you go for the one below that...a1 row J, its only a few quid more, you might even end up with a better seat than us!!!! lol Im gonna call lastminute in a bit and try and get them to tell me my row....
    we still don't know are row, lastminute wont tell us! but im keeping with the mind set that its row o, then if its better i won't be disappointed. I think ours is in A1 as well, but yea cos we have vip, we will be going to after party, so your welcome to stick with us, im sure there will be others off of mjjc going too, so you won't be on your own. Was this on ebay? cos i saw viagogo had row l for bout £420..thats a normal ticket not VIP tho...
    I don't think they will, they originally had normal tickets, and when they were gone they put up the vip tickets (which i think they got originally for their hotel packages) so unless they don't sell their packages and decide to sell them on their own... Have you looked at ebay / viagogo?
    wheres ur tickets for 30th? im tempted to keep an eye on the front row tickets myself, just out of curiosity of how much they go for...but will really be no good for me as I need 3, which is why i gave into the vip tickets in the end!
    Im goooood! still addicted to this site tho! lol just had to take the cat to the vet, so shes now got the ump with me! going insane without my music collection (my mac broke so im having to use the rents pc) Hows you?
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