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  • HEY omg!!!! It's been SO long but of course I'm still around, how have you been?!
    Here's my Threatened chorus parody I just thought of 2 seconds ago LOL!

    You should be, watching me
    You should feel jealous
    While I walk, while I talk
    you should be jealous
    Everytime the ladies speak, they speak of me
    Half of me, you'll NEVER be
    so you should be JEALOUS of me!
    I never heard this song ruby ruby ruby LOL!!!! Ahh! And that solange song was I DECIIIIIIIIIIDED!
    LMFAO I forgot what we were talking about! What were we talking about ? LOL
    Of course I'm still apart of the MJ gang! I may not visit this forum as much as before, because I feel like back in 2007/2008 this was a much more FAMILY like place!!!! and now it's just full of lots of bitter people! and are you talking about that comic book I won?! I love it <33333333 and LOL I loved that Paltalk place!!!!! AHHH I feel like I haven't talked to you in 7,000 years, i miss our music conversations!!!
    LOL! BRITNEY<333333333333333 she is making a NEW ALBUM due...BYYY DECEMBERR!!!
    Hi there! Late reply, REALLY late...but its here lol. Yes its been a long while, and I've just been very busy with other things. I've had to reinstall my comp more than once so I dont have paltalk anymore but we should definitely catch up.
    LOL! I just now noticed I replied on my own page, not on yours! LOL
    I meant your private messages ;)
    I'm content, thanks for responding back at me. Actually I'm suprised since I''ve just logged in a few seconds ago, just to do my daily lurking. Y'know.
    Aww, I would have but i'm just heading to bed.. If I go in I won't want to leave :lol:

    Work early in the morning.. I should have been in bed a few hours ago really.
    You know how it is. :bugeyed

    *Gives you a knitted sheep* BAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! :rofl:
    :lmao: :lmao: :lmao: :hysterical: :hysterical: :hysterical: :hysterical: "What cha gonna ain't a friend of miiiiiiine"....

    "I'm the new GANGSTAAAAAAA"" :unsure: :swoon: :lol: :lol: :lol:
    I have it set to friends and contacts only.. I thought you were though? better fix that LOL

    Or maybe, " you aint a friend of mine, GANGSTA " :lol:
    Yeah I have...made me laugh too! :lol: How come I can't post a message on your page? :scratch:
    :lol: :rofl: Good times.. We had some fun with that thing. LOL I still go on there too, For fun of course :lol:
    Hey Summer, Aww I am here.. Just more quiet than before, But still here. :)
    I am alright, The girls are good thank you. Jordan audtioned on Britans got talent the other day she had fun, will hear in Feb if she gets a call back. She loves to sing and is a good singer for her age.. she sometimes sings on my singsnap LOL I'll let you take a listen sometime. :D How are you doing? :hug:
    First: Thank you very much for your messages.

    We are all grieving and rightly so.
    The world has lost a great artist and human being.

    Despite the immense personal pain he endured in his life, he chose to rise above it and reach out to soothe the pain of others and to inspire.
    He always gave his all in everything he did.

    Though he does not walk among us anymore, his spirit, his light still shines brightly in those left behind; The people who have been touched by his music, his kindness, his very special kind of magic..

    I tell you, he is even more powerful now, than when he was alive.
    Can't you feel him?? Breathe him in. Arms wide open.

    I am so very happy that you, in your own way, honor his legacy.
    I hope others will do the same.

    It is the greatest gift we can give him.

    God bless you and keep you safe

    Hi Summer

    Yes, it has been quite a while.
    Life? I'm coping. Better times ahead.
    How are you? Still having fun I hope
    Woah! You are yellow. Bright and sunny. I'm AWAKE! So... yes, it has been a long time since we spoke last. I'm doing alright. Going to college again. Filming (for me) is over for this movie. It was only two and a half weeks of filming after all that time preparing. Lots like turkey dinner. Lots of preparation and over in an instant. It was wonderful though. To give you an idea; the camera operator, when I was saying bye to everyone on my last day, said to me "that was the best performance I've ever seen EVER.....(then he paused a sec before adding) In my LIFE!!" I made him cry during filming. Had to smile when he was wiping away a tear after "CUT". So I'm actually pretty good at it :-D which makes me happy because I love it. I don't use my powers for evil though ;) just on stage or for film. Otherwise I'm just myself. How are you doing? I know by twitter things are pretty tough still.
    I don't see you around that much online anymore, Mind you i'm not much myself now. How are you doing? :hug:
    OMG are you kidding! I'm going to be around BK as well! This is going to be so awesome!!! *dances around* Yeah, I still have the same phone number, and if you still have yours, I can text you! :D This is so great!
    Geddddaaaaaaaaappaaaaahhhhh!!! XD
    Carrot here! How are you doing? Guess what? I just discovered You are going to see MJ in the same day I will! :p Talk about coincidence, huh! Can't wait till August!
    summerrrrrrrrrrrr!!! How are you!!!! Its been awhile hope you are well. It would be great again if you could open the chat, so we can chat about the upcoming MJ concert! Speak soon! :)
    Hey! We're going to the mj concert at the same date! cool ;D
    But what I wanted to say; I added you as a friend on youtube. Nice channel!
    Hey there im going 14th July too, sorry i dont really know you, but i would love to meet up with some people on here during the day. Jackie x
    hey! we are going to have to meet up before the concert since we're going the same day! Eternity's child is as well. We should all meet up before at the club house :D Wetherspoons for some grub or something.
    LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How WEIRD was that? I didn't even see you at first! stupid ;)

    "I took him to the SPA....he put me in the vegetable steamer"
    hello summer how are you????? its seems like ages since we have spoken! lol Hope you are ok!!! Hopefully you will hope your chat up real soon and we can all chat!!!
    I hope you come back summer , you were one of the sweetest people on here !
    take care babe
    Hey! Oh man I havent been on here for AGES! We need to chat!!! Miss you *hugs*
    You blow a fuse
    zing boom
    The devil cuts loose
    zing boom
    So what's the use
    Of falling in love

    shh shh :secret:

    Oh Summer ...there are no words to describe how miss mjifc times!
    If i could turn back time knowing what i know now...*sigh*
    Glad to find you here dear.hugs

    No I havent ordered one...
    well you see, Poe is a cool mad knitter
    so I will just play dumb and act like I don't have a clue
    (which translates to I am just a lazy bum and can't be arsed to knit for myself) :bugeyed
    Then he will be able to knit everything I need :wild: :clapping:
    Summer...all of the sudden i remembered you are my God mother when i read the thank you thread.
    I am thankfull to you of course.
    And you know what?i miss the old mjifc times when you were my God mother,and Julie my Mummy mummy.HUGS
    I'm gonna feedback, feedback!


    Light skin, dark skin, my asian persuasion. That's why these guys out hurr hatin' cuz I'm SEXAY!

    I know- it's crazy! She was all like- I had an account before but I made a new nickname- can I transfer the color from that to this one? :rofl: :rofl: Idiot!

    Have fun driving your boke then! LOL!

    Shut it LOL! :rofl: :rofl:

    Sorry my internet cut again and it kicked me off AIM. LOL!
    Brilliant chat yesterday once again!! its Josh by the way if u didnt guess, cant wait till next saurday!!!!!!! :)
    Never! LOL! I know, it was so much fun, and of course me and my not understanding any words self was confused half the time. LMAO!
    Just happy the whole thing worked out. FINALLY.
    I had to work for it too. I Hate that! LOL
    LMFAOOO! I really thought it was ribby ribby! LOL!

    Remember when you thought I was gonna say something nasty to Claudia? "Can you hear yourself Claudia?" LOL!
    Yeah, there's pretty much NO chance of me forgetting about THAT one LOL
    It was so funny!
    LMAO!!! Yes, Heaven Can Wait for you if Michael ain't there :D I'm going on vacation in a few days too! Camel Beach Waterpark ^_^
    Hi Summer :)
    I've been away for a little while, visiting a friend. Haven't had much time.

    Been having any more 'coke incidents' recently? ;)
    ROTFLMAO! No need to be embarrassed or anything.
    You seem to be a sure source of entertainment, and you have the ability to laugh at yourself. I like that about people.
    I'm that way too, only.. I cringe at first..
    Next: :blush: Third step: :doh: and then finally: :tease: :hysterical:
    As you can tell, it's an emotional roller coaster for me lol!
    Takes a lot out of me, obviously ;)
    Summo! I have a new AIM username: whisper3words.

    I tried adding you but not sure if it works so please add me! LOL.
    Also, my Myspace page is gone, I cancelled my membership. Hope to chat with you again soon, miss you Peanut ;)

    HECK yeah!!!:D we sure are..But we just can't get enough of that thread!!LOVE IT!!!! we are sooo funny sometimes in that thread too!!btw nice decription of your ideal man..well um of MJ lol.. but i have to agree, we all want, we most of us female MJ fans want a guy like him. :p
    Hello! I liked you dtory about Dangerous, History and MJ& Friends :)
    Where are you from? I've benn in Prague as well in 1996 and in Tallinn 1997, I've got very simmilar experience as you and Prag was amaizing concert, I wasn't close as well, I was exactly in the middle near this lighting tower in the middle of the stadium, it was sooooo well packed there and hot, but it was my first Michael Jackson concert and I was extremely happy :)
    I just read your reply in "Love in the dark..."

    Just be like Michael, summer. Just hang in there." That's how I got through it. That's what I meant with hiw strength being an "inspiration".

    ^^ The quote above, well I just wanted to say again, sorry for your dad's loose :( !!*hugs* but anways, It's good to know that Michael inspired you to be a strong person, MJ does inspire us huh.. But I am glad you are stayed strong... :)
    Thank you for the fun in the thread today. I loved your special gift to Michael for his 50th birthday (OMG I was about to write 50th wedding anniversary. HAHAHHA wishful thinking??)
    hahahaha we are having a good time in the "Did MJ find love in the dark" thread. I hope your convo with MJ was nice hehehe i;m kidding, I'm kidding XD :) :D.... keep up those posts. good job!
    I actually just learned this a few days ago when I Was reading Harry Potter and I saw it say "an hour" and I thought that you are able to put an in front of a word that "sounds like a vowel" and then I thought of you LOL!

    At least I learned something about grammar from Harry Potter- NOT from you- MUAHAWAHAUWAHAHJAHGA!
    LMFAOO!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! :toofunny:
    HAHAHAHAH that was hilarious! I loved at the beginning right when he sings the "Gonna make a difference" and all the little vocal inflections were caught. The puppet was so funny, reminded me of the one on muppets.
    Hey that is funny, I was JUST thinking of adding you when you added me. (then I fell asleep right before I was going to tell you that in here) I love your posts, you are just adorable. I bet you are a wonderful person in person.
    No clouds in my stones I let it rain I hydroplane in the bank with mike jones some somethomg something perceptation in chips with the rainy day rihanna where ya at

    OMG I just sang that song with Heaven Can Wait and I was laughing so hardd!!
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