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    Woah! You are yellow. Bright and sunny. I'm AWAKE! So... yes, it has been a long time since we spoke last. I'm doing alright. Going to college again. Filming (for me) is over for this movie. It was only two and a half weeks of filming after all that time preparing. Lots like turkey dinner. Lots of preparation and over in an instant. It was wonderful though. To give you an idea; the camera operator, when I was saying bye to everyone on my last day, said to me "that was the best performance I've ever seen EVER.....(then he paused a sec before adding) In my LIFE!!" I made him cry during filming. Had to smile when he was wiping away a tear after "CUT". So I'm actually pretty good at it :-D which makes me happy because I love it. I don't use my powers for evil though ;) just on stage or for film. Otherwise I'm just myself. How are you doing? I know by twitter things are pretty tough still.
    I don't see you around that much online anymore, Mind you i'm not much myself now. How are you doing? :hug:
    OMG are you kidding! I'm going to be around BK as well! This is going to be so awesome!!! *dances around* Yeah, I still have the same phone number, and if you still have yours, I can text you! :D This is so great!
    Geddddaaaaaaaaappaaaaahhhhh!!! XD
    Carrot here! How are you doing? Guess what? I just discovered You are going to see MJ in the same day I will! :p Talk about coincidence, huh! Can't wait till August!
    summerrrrrrrrrrrr!!! How are you!!!! Its been awhile hope you are well. It would be great again if you could open the chat, so we can chat about the upcoming MJ concert! Speak soon! :)
    Hey! We're going to the mj concert at the same date! cool ;D
    But what I wanted to say; I added you as a friend on youtube. Nice channel!
    Hey there im going 14th July too, sorry i dont really know you, but i would love to meet up with some people on here during the day. Jackie x
    hey! we are going to have to meet up before the concert since we're going the same day! Eternity's child is as well. We should all meet up before at the club house :D Wetherspoons for some grub or something.
    LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How WEIRD was that? I didn't even see you at first! stupid ;)

    "I took him to the SPA....he put me in the vegetable steamer"
    hello summer how are you????? its seems like ages since we have spoken! lol Hope you are ok!!! Hopefully you will hope your chat up real soon and we can all chat!!!
    I hope you come back summer , you were one of the sweetest people on here !
    take care babe
    Hey! Oh man I havent been on here for AGES! We need to chat!!! Miss you *hugs*
    You blow a fuse
    zing boom
    The devil cuts loose
    zing boom
    So what's the use
    Of falling in love

    shh shh :secret:

    Oh Summer ...there are no words to describe how miss mjifc times!
    If i could turn back time knowing what i know now...*sigh*
    Glad to find you here dear.hugs

    No I havent ordered one...
    well you see, Poe is a cool mad knitter
    so I will just play dumb and act like I don't have a clue
    (which translates to I am just a lazy bum and can't be arsed to knit for myself) :bugeyed
    Then he will be able to knit everything I need :wild: :clapping:
    Summer...all of the sudden i remembered you are my God mother when i read the thank you thread.
    I am thankfull to you of course.
    And you know what?i miss the old mjifc times when you were my God mother,and Julie my Mummy mummy.HUGS
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