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  • I'm gonna feedback, feedback!


    Light skin, dark skin, my asian persuasion. That's why these guys out hurr hatin' cuz I'm SEXAY!

    I know- it's crazy! She was all like- I had an account before but I made a new nickname- can I transfer the color from that to this one? :rofl: :rofl: Idiot!

    Have fun driving your boke then! LOL!

    Shut it LOL! :rofl: :rofl:

    Sorry my internet cut again and it kicked me off AIM. LOL!
    Brilliant chat yesterday once again!! its Josh by the way if u didnt guess, cant wait till next saurday!!!!!!! :)
    Never! LOL! I know, it was so much fun, and of course me and my not understanding any words self was confused half the time. LMAO!
    Just happy the whole thing worked out. FINALLY.
    I had to work for it too. I Hate that! LOL
    LMFAOOO! I really thought it was ribby ribby! LOL!

    Remember when you thought I was gonna say something nasty to Claudia? "Can you hear yourself Claudia?" LOL!
    Yeah, there's pretty much NO chance of me forgetting about THAT one LOL
    It was so funny!
    LMAO!!! Yes, Heaven Can Wait for you if Michael ain't there :D I'm going on vacation in a few days too! Camel Beach Waterpark ^_^
    Hi Summer :)
    I've been away for a little while, visiting a friend. Haven't had much time.

    Been having any more 'coke incidents' recently? ;)
    ROTFLMAO! No need to be embarrassed or anything.
    You seem to be a sure source of entertainment, and you have the ability to laugh at yourself. I like that about people.
    I'm that way too, only.. I cringe at first..
    Next: :blush: Third step: :doh: and then finally: :tease: :hysterical:
    As you can tell, it's an emotional roller coaster for me lol!
    Takes a lot out of me, obviously ;)
    Summo! I have a new AIM username: whisper3words.

    I tried adding you but not sure if it works so please add me! LOL.
    Also, my Myspace page is gone, I cancelled my membership. Hope to chat with you again soon, miss you Peanut ;)

    HECK yeah!!!:D we sure are..But we just can't get enough of that thread!!LOVE IT!!!! we are sooo funny sometimes in that thread too!!btw nice decription of your ideal man..well um of MJ lol.. but i have to agree, we all want, we most of us female MJ fans want a guy like him. :p
    Hello! I liked you dtory about Dangerous, History and MJ& Friends :)
    Where are you from? I've benn in Prague as well in 1996 and in Tallinn 1997, I've got very simmilar experience as you and Prag was amaizing concert, I wasn't close as well, I was exactly in the middle near this lighting tower in the middle of the stadium, it was sooooo well packed there and hot, but it was my first Michael Jackson concert and I was extremely happy :)
    I just read your reply in "Love in the dark..."

    Just be like Michael, summer. Just hang in there." That's how I got through it. That's what I meant with hiw strength being an "inspiration".

    ^^ The quote above, well I just wanted to say again, sorry for your dad's loose :( !!*hugs* but anways, It's good to know that Michael inspired you to be a strong person, MJ does inspire us huh.. But I am glad you are stayed strong... :)
    Thank you for the fun in the thread today. I loved your special gift to Michael for his 50th birthday (OMG I was about to write 50th wedding anniversary. HAHAHHA wishful thinking??)
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