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  • hahahaha we are having a good time in the "Did MJ find love in the dark" thread. I hope your convo with MJ was nice hehehe i;m kidding, I'm kidding XD :) :D.... keep up those posts. good job!
    I actually just learned this a few days ago when I Was reading Harry Potter and I saw it say "an hour" and I thought that you are able to put an in front of a word that "sounds like a vowel" and then I thought of you LOL!

    At least I learned something about grammar from Harry Potter- NOT from you- MUAHAWAHAUWAHAHJAHGA!
    LMFAOO!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! :toofunny:
    HAHAHAHAH that was hilarious! I loved at the beginning right when he sings the "Gonna make a difference" and all the little vocal inflections were caught. The puppet was so funny, reminded me of the one on muppets.
    Hey that is funny, I was JUST thinking of adding you when you added me. (then I fell asleep right before I was going to tell you that in here) I love your posts, you are just adorable. I bet you are a wonderful person in person.
    No clouds in my stones I let it rain I hydroplane in the bank with mike jones some somethomg something perceptation in chips with the rainy day rihanna where ya at

    OMG I just sang that song with Heaven Can Wait and I was laughing so hardd!!
    LOL omg when I read the "respect isnt given its earned" MJ said that in the song RIGHT when I was reading it LOL
    LMAOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! "I hope Summer wins this award" *gets up and leaves*

    I won a Captain EO 3D comic book from the 80s WOO! Don't U see my "game winner" badge? im special now LOL
    :eek: How dare you kick me out in the first place? *rolleyes* FLUKE!

    anyway... did U see? I WON A MJ PRIZEEE!! WOO!
    LOL I sent you a text the other day, never got anything back from you!
    We'll catch up soon, I'm online tomorrow (or today as it's 3:47 AM LOL)

    Take care

    HEllO Summer !!

    I am looking forward to the nice weather we are suppose to have this weekend :)
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