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  • um...there also have some celebration going on HK too~~
    so lucky that i'm in my summer hoilday now, so that i can attend some here...
    but that's fine, Michael can also understand your heart too~~
    hope you can finish your experiment in your lab early^^
    hi, so far haven't to see you...
    How are you doing???
    Hope you all well^^my friend
    and what will you do on 29August,2009???????

    *huggggggggs* are you?

    aaaaw has it just been your birthday? happy birthday for then.

    i was meant to be sitting next to you tonight ......feel so sad today
    Chandler is probably feeling like anyone would who got 20 million dollars for no reason - he's settled for the rest of his life and feeling great. Arvizo must be frustrated to have to live the rest of his life in hiding or else else become a figure of ridicule and having nothing to show for it.
    Ah ok!! :) It's a very intesting subject, I like to talk about it! I never tried meditation! Maybe I should!
    Thank you sunny!! :)
    Pls tell me! Do you have a "special gift"? Can you tell me what it is? You can send me a PM if you want!
    Thank you! Hugs :flowers:
    Oh thats cute!! I like to hear those stories, u know? I like to know more about the Michael "man"! :)
    Hi sunnyday!! :)

    Thank u for the links!!! I enjoyed reading the David Gest interview! Very nice!! Hadnt read that before! :)
    I cant access the kop board! What are they talking about?
    Thank you!! :) :flowers:
    hello thanks for the message........yeah i am a little better, felt better in some ways after the memorial cos it was so fitting and comforting but very hard too cos it really hit home
    take good care of yourself then xx
    just saying hi........hope you're getting thru this ok. its so difficult. hugs to you my friend
    yes i do sweetie its wendijane WD darling , thats the facebook one
    im not on that alot though... but would still love to be friends there
    i absoloutly will be in touch on both forums :) x the angel parts are fascinating and i feel close to mjj this way, beacause we all know he was a very sprituial person .
    have a blessed night and i wish strength for you tomorrow .
    wow ...silverlake have i added you as a friend im not sure ~im wendijane on there also , lol im always wendijane everywhere im not that creative with forum names :lol: sophia its lovely to meet you ,absolulty lovely ~ i went there cos i was at a loose end , i mean ..its...ok....... so . im/we are here at this point ~ what happends now ,,so i just typed in "spritual forums" and there i was , and i was caught up ~realy kno i think i will read about the afterlife its ..its very comforting to read these things and to kno find some deep comfort that michaels and all spirits live on ~, im going to look for Nevilles post , thanx you for starting the thread on mjj...... i realy ...i have been smiling this afternoon k , now im crying again ~..thanx you so much .god bless you friend , god bless your dad also :huggy:
    its absolulty overwhemling , its a beautiful site , and ive been smiling too
    theres a thread called um healing hand sure you kno and before i put my hand on it i was like ,,um scared .. bt i need to do this ~my hand started to ramdonmly tingle and it ...there was a comfort befiore doing so ,(sorry a bit emo ),well... so i wished for us all to have healing to ..for the dear fans to be strong at this time and to send us all strength ...then few minuts later a sweet person came back and posted pictures of comfort on my newbie thread ~i mean overwhelmed
    im finding alot of comfort.... you are very right , i hope you are too *bighuggs andthanx for making me aware * xxxxxxxx
    i like the fairy name genarator too thats wonderful :heart:
    sunny day hi
    i went to a spritual forum today and the person who replyed to me said Michael wanted me to pass this message on for his fans.

    He said "Thank you all for supporting me while on earth as well as death, I love you all very much and you all mean the world to me"
    she said he was happy today cos the person was making him laugh .
    this is the link hold on i will give you it
    and i wanted to share cos i know that you belive in these things like me , this is the first time i joined a forum like this but im finding alot of comfort from it this afternoon
    and wanted to share*big hug* .
    Hello sunny!!
    Would you share this to me? :) I would love to hear what she said!
    i just don't feel anything positive except that he is in a better place........................just can't listen to his songs or watch him, its too sad. thanks for the message
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