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  • Just have to say that I love your signature! It's not often that I come across KF:TLC pics. I loooved that show! :)
    Hi sweetie,it's been a while since we have you been?how are you doing?how are things at home?love you.HUGS
    Sweetie,how are you today?hugs
    Kelly anytime you wanna talk let me know. I went through the exact same thing with my dad just before christmas. PM me or even email me at any time you want :yes:
    ((((((((((((sweet princess))))))))))))))))

    Here for you always.
    Thank you so much for offering help.That is very sweet of you.
    Please feel free to pm me if you ever need to talk as well,ok?
    Take care,and God Bless
    Hi sweetie,thank you so much for thinking in me and sending me hugs.i sure need them.
    I wish i could take care of me better,...but i fear that will not happen very soon.Hope you are doing well.God Bless you
    Okey! Thanks for udating me ^.^
    I am doing very good. How's you? I am in the middle of moving to LA so I have hard to find time to be online but I am almost done now so I'll be back soon :p How was your Christmas? I spent Christmas Eve at Universal Studios so I had a fun evening :)

    Take good care!
    HUGSSSSSSSSSSSSS.Thank you so much my dear.I hope you are doing well.
    Oh im not afraid hun, Ive been here for five months, I only just activated visitor messages, and Ive always respected everyone, Im as p1ssed as the oldies at peoples disrespect for others. I get sad when I see all these names with lines through their names, but Im happy the blanket bannings are happening and the tone is starting to be more loving. I dont understand why people have to argue all the time. LoveLoveLove xxxxxxxxxx
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