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  • Love you too hun hope all works out for you in 2009 all the best latoya jackson is in big brother uk
    Thank you! :) Happy New Year! :salut: Loves you! Stay safe as well :hug: :flowers:
    Hello Princess :flowers: How are you? I hope feel better? *HUG*
    Get well soon! :flowers: Love & Peace to you! :)
    I have no idea if everbody loves me or not my sweet one,But i am sure that i have friends in here,and if it wasn't your love,(among others,of course),i would be for sure much more tired than i am.God Bless you.HUGS
    YW :flowers: Do you saw the BDay thread for you? :)
    Love & Blessings to you :flowers:
    Happy Birthday :flowers:
    hiya babes , im doing well tar ,busy *lol* hope alll is going good for you . we will have to yapp more . pm anytime princess . xxxxxxxx
    Thank you for letting me know :hug: You need a bit of time, everything will be o'k :flowers: Have some rest and a lot of water/fluid, vitamines :flowers:
    I'm o'k now :) Aawww, I'll Pray for you, sweetie HUGGGGG You'll be alright :flowers:
    I'll Pray for you, Princess :hug: :flowers: I felt unwell a few days, today alright :)
    your messages ring so dear to me girlie , im doing ok cheerz me dearz , have a lovely yummmy weekend whatever ya doing . xxxxxxxxxxxx
    cant figure out how to pm on this new board. i need to ask you something. if you know how to pm, please send me one, or email me so i can reply to it if you still have my email address. thanks.
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