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  • Hi. :happy: You're welcome.
    Retribute? Do you mean you want to know how to give reputation? Well when someone makes a post, on the left side, where it says their name and has their avatar and everything, beneath all that, next to where it says online or offline there's a little button. Press that and a box will pop up. You can write a little message in the comment box or not. Then just press Add To Reputation.

    Take care. :)

    :waving:Thanx you for wishin me well on one of the threads hun ,
    appriacate it .:huggy:
    Thank for try to help me.. but I really dont need help. No one understands my love for Michael.. I just want to be 10 years old again...when I first saw Michael.. :( .. hugs..
    Thanks again. But I dont need help at all. I need Michael back in my life. I feel so sad. Everything is depressing and will never be the same again after Michael. I dont want a life anymore without him. My heart aches.. I cry all the time and I call him desperately. I'm lifeless now without him. :(
    Hi lovely,
    I felt sad after reading your post.. It made me feel really uncomfortable.. maybe I shouldn't have said anything. But, anyway I appreciate your support. Life has to go on and I know that, but I am missing Michael terribly. I dont know what to do. I just know I love him so much it hurts.. :weeping:

    A lot of love, hugs and kisses to you. :huggy:
    awwww :hug: don't worry, I've been there. Everything's going to be alright.
    Oh that thing, Gaz told us that when you become a gold member (basically if you make a donation) he grants you the freedom to pop a picture up there. You go to the User CP option up above and then click on Edit Profile Picture which will be found on the left hand side options. :) And thanks a lot about my art Wendy. :huggy:
    Did you restart already? I wonder what the problem is... :(
    Well, fear not Wendy Pan, all my work will be made available for viewing real soon. But I think you may be able to see my pic posts sooner than later. it must be a cache problem. Are you using IE or Firefox?
    Here's something softer and more heartfelt.. :)

    :) yes, well I draw comic book art mostly. You know like, Spiderman, Ironman, etc. hehehe. I am currently working as a trading card artist though. And it's basically me drawing on these tiny little art boards and sending them off to collectors around the world.
    I do it for a living and was fortunate enough (but with much struggle) to work with the companies that hold such licenses. let me see, here's one sample piece that really pushed me over the edge due to the tiny details. lol

    This was drawn with ink and colored with Prismacolor brand markers and white opaque ink for highlight details. :)
    I hope you like it. Most of my work is pretty aggressive. But I want to draw a set of Michael Jackson cards to balance my catalog. I hope I can obtain a license deal with the estate some day for non profit production. Maybe for charity work. Even if its anonymous. :)
    Oh, the honor is mine. I thought I already had you! :p But yeah thank YOU. :huggy:
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