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  • Sorry to be so late April, will post them pics tonight!
    Good luck with the job search! :huggy: I know you'll find something soon.
    In the middle of packing we got a call from one of the local Petsmart stores and I have an interview Friday morning. The same day we might be able to move in. So busy day Friday will be. :D :lol: Mark picked up the phone hoping they were calling for him and when I was writing the info for the interview down he flipped me off :lol:
    No problem.
    I've been super busy with all this packing that I haven't been doing anything else besides driving around getting stuff done for the apartment. And going to my brother's wedding on Saturday. It was sooooo much fun! :D It was a Country wedding. :giggle: Everyone in the bridal and groom party, even the bride wore cowboy boots. Now I can't stop listening to Country music. Except in the car when my mp3 works, then it's all Michael :heart:

    How is everything going for you?

    About the apartment. We are almost sure we have it now. It's most likely that we'll be able to move in this Friday. I'm super happy about that because all these boxes and all this stuff in the house is driving me crazy! I'm ready to just move stuff in and stop packing. :lol: It was fun at first now it's just irritating.
    Thank you for giving me the name and the number to those apartments. Mark and I went back to the Apartments we saw the other week and almost everything has been approved. So it's more likely now that we will be living there now. :)

    :( I wish we could have moved closer to you and Mark's friend but maybe someday. :giggle:
    Good to hear! :D
    Thank you. :) I believe I will soon. I'm hoping it will be when we find the apartment so I can do a big celebration. :giggle:
    One of the apartments we're looking at is in Sparks. So if we get that one; I'll be closer to you! :wild:
    Hey there! :D
    I'm doing well, thank you.:)
    Sorry to hear you've been sick. :better: Glad you're feeling better:jump:
    I'm mostly on MSN chatting with people. I am always signed in on here but after a few minutes of inactivity it has me appear offline.
    I did get the message. ;) Thank you so much. :huggy:

    This is really weird. I got your voice message but I checked my missing calls and your name or number doesn't appear anywhere. I'm really sorry that happened and that I didn't pick up:( Please don't think I'm trying to ignore you or anything. My phone is just acting up I guess.
    :scratch: That's odd!
    I did give you the right number but I don't know why it was acting up. :( I'm sorry.
    Nope nothing has changed on it except the song. If you're wondering about the voice message on the phone that's one of my good friends Kasie. She put that on there a few years ago and I haven't changed it. :p
    :scratch: I don't know what's wrong with them. I have to re-upload them to imageshack.
    Aww:better: Those allergies can be horrible I know. :(
    Mine have subsided for the most part. I will be dog sitting for Jeanne in about 2 weeks and with all the sage brush my allergies may start acting up again which I really hope they won't. Last time they did at her house I had horrible headaches and it felt like someone was stabbing a knife down my throat. Ouch!
    Aw I understand.:):hug:
    I'm sorry I haven't called you back.

    Yes me too.
    It stinks that I have to keep being interrupted on the phone.
    AWww nooo I'm not mad at you. :better:
    I've just been busy. I've been watching Brian's Buddy and Jeanne's two dogs Buddy and Saddie and when I do go to use the phone to call you Kevin or my Dad need it.
    Awwwww. So it's really bittersweet:better:

    Well you were very kind to have taken such good care of the sweet little cat. :huggy:
    No problemo;)

    I didn't even remember actually and I had lost my remote a few days ago so I haven't been watching TV. :lol: But hey I finally found it last night:D
    I'm hoping I will be able to. It all depends on if my Dad is awake or if Mark is up. My Dad won't let me drive myself up to your house :smilerolleyes: So I have to wait for one of them to drop me off.

    Well if we're ever bored or feel like getting out of the house we can walk over to Best Buy or something. :giggle: :scratch: Just have to figure out how we could both somehow listen to either my mp3 player or your Ipod at the same time so we can be jamming to Michael's music while we walk. :giggle:
    I just have a small question for you.

    Are there any stores in walking distance from your house that we could go to while I'm there. I don't want to ask you to drive anywhere because your Dad will have the car and that would be rude to ask. So I just wanted to know if there's anywhere we could walk to. Like the walmart or something.
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