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  • Hi :)
    well. 7 times at cinema and 2 at home. so that looks like 9 times ;) how about you? have many times have you seen it?
    Aww that's so sweet of you! :blush:

    I'm glad you're doing good.
    Hope to see you in the thread tonight ;)
    Hey April!

    Doing good, thanks.
    And how are you? :D
    Sorry to have missed you last night in the thread!
    Oh watching the wiz I was :wub: Or as Katie says..SQUEEEEEE! :lol: He's so ADORABLE! He's only I believe 20 years old in the movie as it was made in 1978. The way he gets all excited over something simple or how he's so clumsy :wub:
    :D nice!

    I just watched the HIStory DVD. BAD video hehe and when he said "You guys are sick! sick!" I thought of you lol.

    I'm getting payed in a day or so for dog sitting for Jeanne. I don't know how much it is but I have to pay tithing first so I don't know if I can get anything Michael related. If I have enough left I dunno what I want to get...the HIStory CD or another DVD. I'm dog sitting again next weekend so I will have some money. I really want to get the BAD tour on DVD and part of the HIStory tour on DVD and get some of the interviews on DVD. lol But I don't know WHAT to get.

    Oh and :D While I've been at my friend's house I've been browsing through the movie channels and the Wiz came on! Twice! I was going to call you and tell you but I figured that since it was Saturday that you were out with your family and I didn't want to bother you.

    Have you seen the Wiz? I need to buy that too :lol:
    Even tonight he tried to eat the cheese on my dinner! Bloomin' git!
    Smudge can be a git though. This morning I put my breakfast down, I was downloading something on my PC and went to check it, I heard a noise and he was licking the spread off my toast!
    We work well together, he puts up with me bossing him around and then covering him in kisses another time :) He was so upset when the flat was broken in to. He still gets alarmed when the front door opens.
    Wow, I've not heard of cats that do that! Smudge is quite quiet but as he was abused he does not like lots of noise or bustle. I am off over Easter so am really looking forward to that, I think he is too!
    Aww thanks. He is very well. He had a check up last night and is healing well. The nurse at the vets made me laugh. She said that all the cats were coming out of anasthetic and Smudge was the first to stand up (a little wobbly) and ask for food :lol: He ate it all too. How's your cats?
    :D I hope I can come over soon so we can hang out again for one and so I could show you some of my Med books and the Michael magazines I forgot last time :doh: and the yearbooks:D
    Are you good at looking at wounds and being able to clean them? I'm not talking about tiny scratches, I'm talking about really nasty wounds that you have to really clean and take care of.

    I'm not saying you can't:p But I've seen some of the things you would have to deal with and you need a really strong stomach to handle some of the stuff. If you can handle seeing and feeling a needle go into you (when people practice on you in class) if you can handle putting a needle in someone else to take blood or give medication than you should be good. I know you're a hard worker so the studying won't be that hard.

    :D Would you like to borrow some of my medical textbooks?
    Aw that's nice that you're thinking about those two careers. Just make sure that you can handle blood and needles;)

    I called in to tell the people that I don't have a job so they are sending me some paperwork to fill out saying I can't find a job yet so to stop the payment for now till I find a job. :)

    I did something for a friend and they gave me $10 for it.. and the Album was $9.
    So I went to Walmart and asked about getting the TII stand.. the one that holds all the DVD's. I asked the entertainment section person and he said that the big stands that promoted the movie were gone but the ones out in front I had to ask about. They are free when they are done being used and I want to get it! It's like a Michael bookshelf:D Well I asked two people up front and the woman had a horrible attitude and said that No they aren't free and you have to ask the electronic people. -_- so rude.

    Well I was leaving a message to say that I was finally able to buy Thriller! :woohoo: I saw HIStory Volume 1 on CD but I could only get one so I got Thriller before it ran out again.

    So how have you been?
    Sorry about now being on lately but I've been busy taking care of Buddy and doing things.
    :lol: Told ya BAD was a-maz-ing!
    :lmao: you're just like me
    You know the gold pants? ... well nvm.. there's something at the store that reminds me of something and I always go :blush: hehe but I won't say:p
    No I don't really believe it. I checked on the forum and online and couldn't see anything about it. Do you have the link to the thread? And I dunno... I just never could believe that Michael wouldn't put his own son in his will or acknowledge him. Just confuses me is all.

    I didn't really watch either of them .. sometimes but I like Conan more than Jay.
    What about Omar?

    And yes I heard:D Sooo excited!

    lol I know right..hate waking up in middle of an MJ dream.

    And thank you but I don't watch J-Leno.. I'm with Coco:p
    I've been busy yes. But I've been on msn for a long time and when I do that I get signed off of here.

    Really? Nice dream! :D Yeah they are short. :( I had a dream last night of him from TII dancing.
    Destiny is an album that does not have a bad track on it.
    I listen to what songs suit my mood often. One of my fave albums is Destiny and the others is The Jacksons Live. Of Michael's, I can't choose :blush:
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