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    I love so many different songs from different eras and can't really pick one as a fave. I think Michael just got sexier as he got older though
    Fave music video, Blood on the Dancefloor: leather, long hair and jewellery .... no words!
    I confess I haven't heard of Stryper. I like Kelly Clarkson though. My fave 3 songs of all time are Michael - Someone in the Dark, Wham - Last Christmas (Pudding Mix) and Prince - When Doves Cry.
    ooh I like that name :D

    :D:D:D:D: YAYYY more fans:D:D:D:D

    hehehe that part is one of my favorites:wub:

    I've been doing fine thank you:) How have you been?
    :lol: You're too cute. Actually I have to pause any MJ music or video I'm listening to or watching when my brothers or Dad come into my room because I get so distracted with Michael that I don't pay attention to them. :lol:
    Exactly. :D

    So if you call and I'm not home you know why. My brother doesn't have a phone home he just has his cellphone and I can't use my cellphone that much as I have very limited minutes so the only way we can really talk now is on here, that is when I get home. I think he has a computer but when I'm over at his house I'm going to be with Buddy the whole time and make it so when Brian gets home Buddy is so pooped out from playing so much that he just wants to sleep, like Brian wants him to be when he gets done with work so he can relax.

    I don't know exactly how this all going to work out as Brian just asked me about it today and he said he is probably coming by tomorrow but I don't know if he's going to do this everyday like how he was before with Buddy.
    It's OK. I'm used to it by now. :hug:

    Well now I'll be able to get out the house, be able to get away from Kevin and be able to play with Buddy all day. :D:D
    I'm talking about Kevin. Brian called today and chewed my Dad out royally about Kevin telling him he needs to just kick him out of the house already. You know how I told you how I would clean up and Mark would clean up but before we know it it's all messed up again because Kevin is so out of it he messes it all up. So he told my Dad that he won't be bringing Buddy by again until the house gets cleaned and stays clean..which means he won't bring Buddy over until Kevin is out of the house.
    Mine was ok I guess. Nothing big really happened, besides getting Buddy. :D

    :better: I'm sorry you're not feeling well.
    Don't really have one. I have great memories of a lot of the eras. I became a fan as a teen with Thriller and loved him from then. Albumwise I love Destiny and Thriller as it was my first.

    Ohhh awesome!

    No he's not doing his pout, he looks more like he's saying Oh or something lol. He's pointing his finger down somewhere and he's singing to where he's pointing. He's looking Bad:D:D

    Tell me about it. This economy is just ... GRRRRR
    Awesome! I just bought that Bad poster last night. Daaaaang! lol I want to get the HIStory volume 1 and 2!

    As soon as I figure out something for work than I will hopefully get to come back over. I'm going to a temp agency early tomorrow morning to figure something out. I don't want to say I'll come over than have to call and tell you I can't because I have work.

    Sometimes some don't reply back to you in the macro thread, some do. It's not that it's because they don't know you it's just if everyone noticed everyone in the thread when they said hello than there would be like 2-3 pages of just oh hello so and so. lol
    I'm sorry.

    Well I don't really have any place I go to as I rarely ever get my hair cut. :lol: The last time I went to a hair place was a few years ago and I have no idea what the place was called. I just started to go to hair salons as before I used to just get my hair cut at a woman's house that I went to church with.
    My week was eventful and I'm hoping that tomorrow I'll be able to go to some of the nearby businesses to get an interview for work. I haven't been able to drive for a while as I couldn't drive the van in all that snow and I don't want to drive the stick. We just charged the Van Battery up so hopefully I'll be able to start driving it again because I miss driving. I really wish I could drive my brothers car as that was so fun to drive by myself with the music I wanted playing and to just have fun. :D

    You cut your hair? Ooooh! I could never cut my hair, trim is yes, but never cut it. I love my long hair :lol:
    Same here.

    I loved when they showed Michael and Janet but I didn't care for the rap or hip hop.
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