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  • hi, so far haven't to see you...
    How are you doing???
    Hope you all well^^my friend
    and what will you do on 29August,2009???????

    thx with you, i'm so good today..
    because i had bought the new magazine of michael ,it's so great~~
    how about you??
    and i hope you feel good today too,
    God bless you
    Just stopping by, I think we are going to the concert at the same date :) July 16th. Cool! :) Looking forward?
    Chick I'm sorry I don't have MSN anymore, but all you have to do is, whenever you have a spare minute, start going through every single one of those dates on the Ticketmaster website.. I know it's time-consuming but it's the only way we're finding tickets. All I've been doing is going through each and every date and searching for "1" ticket at "Best" seats possible.. Click "Search" and then you will have to put in a Verification Code (this is just to tell them that you are not a robot or something..) then the screen will pop up and let you know whether there's any available for you :)
    Do you have MSN/email? Because that ticketmaster thing is confusing for me and I need help mine is :)
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