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  • My New Year Wish for you
    Peace in your heart, health in your body,
    wealth in your life, joy in your home.
    May you always be blessed with these priceless treasures.

    Happy New Year

    lol that reply is fine :rofl:. Btw, I apologize for that brawl the other day. I guess it was too much but then again, people have been acting crazy around here lately. Must be the Bad25 effect.
    But where are my manners anyway. How are you? Where were you stuck in for a while? :lol: Didn't notice you lately around here.
    Gotta say Live Aid was pretty awesome to me. I absolutely love the way hit hits ''Man some day'', ''Keep us fighting'' and how he still tries to hold those long notes even though he doesn't sound in it as great as he did in past, hence ''come throuuuuuuuuuuugh'' in WATC.
    Now I understand better what was going on with his voice thanks to Gregsynth. He always does great job with video descriptions :D
    After checking out more of Queen's live, gotta say The Works tour was worse than Magic tour. At least I definately wouldn't say Magic tour was the worst. If I compare Magic tours' Wembley to The Works Wembley, gotta say The Works sounded awful. Leiden shows of Magic tour are just spectacular :)
    But gotta say The Crazy tour, The Game tour and Hot Space tours are probably the best.
    lol, yes that was my firs thought lol. but I wasn't sure.
    That proves that the simplest answer it's usually the right one :D
    T.N.A!! loool, Thanks for the compliment :p
    I enjoy your sarcastic jokes btw, keep good work! :D
    Dude! Sorry, chat box is slowing the computer big time...had to switch to my phone and can't use chat box on it..
    Thank you so much! I don't really follow her career or anything, I just like her in that one film. It is an amazing film, I highly recommend watching it.
    The girl in my icon is Jennifer Connelly as Marion Silver, from the film Requiem for a Dream by Darren Aronofsky.
    Hey ,T.N.A., on 'few topics'? :hysterical: Gosh, thanks for making me laugh. Yeah, I do like House, especially that Sherlock Holmes deduction type reasoning that even Spock will quote in Star Trek. "Once you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth." Now, what you deem 'impossible' is clearly up for debate, as even Dr. House finds out just in about every episode- which makes him such a loveable jerk- but the thing is that even Dr. House teaches and gets taught a number of lessons, or his patients would die off like a plague infested city in the Middle Ages. And besides, even Stephen Colbert has a Dr. House picture hanging around- who am I to question Stephen Colbert's tastebuds?? :bow: Thanks for the request. :yes: And welcome to the forum. Would be boring if we'd all be the same.
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