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  • Gurl, how could I forget about you? :huggy:

    Ooh, you also, working hard for school, exams and stuff. I wish you good luck with it! ;)
    We are all doing good in the thread, having fun and, a bit too much talking less macros :giggle: haha.
    More people writing stories too!

    Stop by any time, we miss you!
    Hay girl!

    How are you doing?
    Haven't talked in a while.. thought i'd say 'hi'..
    show some L.O.V.E :D

    xx Riley.
    Heya...Just Want To Take
    This Opportunity To Wish You A
    Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year!! :D
    Keep Safe, Have Fun And Many Happy Returns!
    Alyssa :hug:
    I was just curious! I wanted to compare all the people on my friends list and to see who liked what! It seems that most people like the older Michael!
    Thanks for the friend request:)

    I remember seeing you lurkin' in the macro thread:shifty:lol

    glad you started posting...loved the SC gifs you posted btw:wub:

    Hii :hiya:

    thanks for the friend request!
    I added you :)

    Hope you're doing okay.
    It's fun to have you in the macro thread! :D

    xx Riley.
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