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    We have lost Michael and now we have lost Prince, so who is the greatest living legend now?

    Paul McCartney. It will be Frank Ocean in a few decades, I think.
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    This Dangerous rehearsals video now slightly spoils the Dangerous tour...

    Re: This now slightly spoils the Dangerous tour... This Dangerous Tour rehearsal is the best concert of the Dangerous Tour.
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    Video of 'Every Michael Jackson Grunt' goes viral

    That picture is brilliant! Excellent choice for this video.
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    Best album overall

    1. Dangerous 2. Bad 3. Thriller 4. Off the Wall 5. History 6. Invincible And before someone says INVINCIBLE IS SO UNDERRATED, yes it is, but not among fans. Invincible would be higher up on my list if it had 10 tracks. Dangerous, Bad, Thriller and Off the Wall are masterpieces. History is very...
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    Do you ever get sad while listening to a particular MJ song?*

    Stranger in Moscow and Beautiful Girl, oddly.
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    Battle of the Album Closers - Which is best?

    Surprised that Leave Me Alone has so few votes. I think it's absolutely brilliant, especially the vocal harmony on the chorus.
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    Best MJ lyrics

    I tend to think MJ lyrics aren't so great when you READ them. The words alone can't be compared to Bob Dylan lyrics, for example. Bob Dylan lyrics can often be read as poems and be very touching without the music. However, Michael's performance makes all the difference. He was so good at making...
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    The Perfect Concert

    Early Dangerous tour.
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    This is it extended version - release?

    I would find it hard to watch that after the trials, I think.
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    Which Is the Best Super Bowl Halftime Show Ever? (

    At last! If Michael wins this poll, he will surely be recognised as the true king of pop.
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    Michael and katy perry at superbowl 49?

    Some of you guys crack me up with your negativity towards Katy Perry. No talent? That's likely for such a successful artist. Fake breasts? I don't know anything about Katy Perry's breasts, but I guess if she has had some work done it would make her the only one in the entire music industry...
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    Michael and katy perry at superbowl 49?

    I'm sure Michael always wanted to perform at the Superbowl as a hologram. Seriously though, why?
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    Leaked emails update (Michael Jackson)

    Even if they were performed live, the estate would probably dub them with pre-recorded vocals. Just like they (at least I think it was them?) did with the audio from Scream in Brunei.
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    This Is It footage coming at 8pm Brazil time?

    Pretty sure that vignette was on the blu-ray.