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  • i don't know if you come here anymore but just to make sure it was me who added you on fb :D :)
    Ah ta!! Agora eu vi!! Pra mim, aquilo é sombra, ou alguém q tá usando roupa vermelha, é q puxou a maca mais pra lá.
    Oi Telha!!
    Eu já vi aquele link que vc postou e disse "here".
    Mas eu não vejo nada d+! Só vejo uma coisa vermelha q eu nem sei identificar o que é! :|
    sure, thanks for the add! :)
    Haha, ok in that pic he doesn't look so much like him.. but I have to say again you two are so cute couple! lol, my fave couple of MJJC :lol:
    hey telha, i was wondering who your boyfriend reminds me of, he kinda looks like Isaac Hanson from Hansons, don't you think?! :D :yes:
    aaaw, thank you so much! I will accept the frind invite right now! ;D
    have a wonderful weekend! :D
    Telha.. I was gonna go on July 22 but I don't even think I can go anymore.. even for August.. my family doesn't support me. :( I guess I won't be seeing Michael and getting to meet all you fans.
    Hi Telha
    I have our Christmas Quilt video finished. I uploaded it on post 425 in the Gift for Michael thread. I hope you like it.
    awww thanks hun, for the rep. points :flowers:.. yeah I :wub: Christina Aguilera, her voice is amazing..she is my fave female artist :D. yes "Candyman" is such a CUTE music video by her! :)
    Feliz pra caraio pq MJ vendeu 10 milhões de discosssssssssssssss!!!
    Oiii Telha!!
    Vc marcou akela coisinha de reputação p/ mim né?? (obrigada!! ;)) eu tenho q aceitar ou não preciso fazer nada??
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