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  1. Who do you think is the most OVERRATED female artist today?

    Beyonce can sing, dance, and perform. Her music in general is okay. I'd say out of that list, she and Gaga are the most genuinely talented.
  2. Janet's Number One's World Tour Official Thread

    How long will she tour in Europe?
  3. La Toya releases new book and single / Summary @ Pg 30 / Pictures @ Pg 33

    Re: La Toya to release new book and single on the same day Hasn't she done enough?
  4. Behind the Scenes Making of Janet's MTV VMA Tribute to Michael

    Finally. Hopefully this brings some more media attention the MJ tribute and leave the Kanye stuff alone.
  5. Official MTV Video Awards Thread [Janet Jackson, Trailer, Spoliers Here]

    Does anyone have the video of MJ tribute (the Janet part) in HQ please?
  6. 9 Mill. New Fans.

    I don't think that is necessarily 9 mill NEW fans. Many may have joined b/c they wanted to join a MJ related Facebook group to show their support for Michael. I only recently just joined one.
  7. Can You Forgive Chris Brown?

    Its hard to see his sincerity when 2 days after the incident he was all smiles at the beach. I always thought he was such a nice humble young man :no:
  8. TMZ Chatter ONLY

    Re: TMZ Reports LOL wow.
  9. Janet's career

  10. Janet's career

    The way the poll question is phrased is confusing. I agree.
  11. Video of the Grace Rwaramba interview..

    There's no full interview b/c they know she never said the those they printed in the article; they just used those clips as evidence that they spoke to her.
  12. Michael jackson - jackson to be honoured as official american legend

    Unfortunately, I don't think those aspects of Elvis' life has been promoted much in the media. For example, I had no idea he didn't write his own songs or had any real creative input in his music until recently.
  13. Rev. Al Sharpton

    It was a great speech. thank yuh Michael.
  14. I'm sorry, but I must rant about this...

    Why does this even matter? The past is the past. What's the point in complaining? All that matters is that more and more people are learning about Michael the person and discovering the truth :)