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  • Strange. I've never added you on msn or yahoo IM as I've never knew your screename on there till I read in your PM tonight,April 7th 2AM 2010. When you get that corrected PM and then I'll add you on which ever one that you use. I have msn and yahoo Im's
    As someone who is technologically challenged, it has taken me a good 30 minutes to find this page and I never remember to check it for messages! If you ever need me urgently, please PM me. I have mastered that (at long last) and I check it every day.

    Keeping the faith,
    Hello Nanci, I am requesting to be removed from the Legacy Team. I can no longer bite my tongue on this site when many on here constantly insult you for defending Michael. In order not to bring embarrassment to the Team please remove me. I will honor him in other ways. Thank you for the opportunity. You are a wonderful person.
    hello again, TheChosenOne
    over at my vindication yahoo group people are responding fast to my proposal in working with you guys, It's difficult to mediate info btwn these two groups, do have a yahoo account? it would be easier to just sighn up there and post, since replies come quickly. Let me know if you can join, ASAP.
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