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  • Hoi hoi,

    Heyy super! Dankjewel! :)
    We hebben al behoorlijk wat ontvangen inmiddels, dus we gaan er met z'n allen wat moois van maken! :yes:
    Jaa ik heb er ook al onwijs zin in! Tot zaterdag! :D

    Whew that pic! Gosh he's so yummy!!

    I don't really have a favourite era...I think maybe History as thats the first era I can really remember experiencing. But all of them are special to me in some way! How about you?

    Thanks for the friend request btw! :) xxx
    Hehe, I actually just got a new phone a couple of weeks ago. I loved my blackberry though!

    Aw I love London so much, I really want to move there at some point in the next couple of years. I live in central England at the moment, but I love the big city!

    It sounds cliche but I have actually always loved Michael ever since I can remember. When I was really young I was fascinated by him and loved the music, then when I became a teenager I really got to know a lot more about him and just fell in love! And here I am today! How about you?

    Hi there, I'm doing good thanks how are you?

    Aw I love to do that too! Of course I would like to! :) So have you ever been over here to England?

    Stacey x x x
    Oh man, I am too old, I love Michael since '85 when I first saw WATW, but living in Bucharest, Romania before '89 wasn't easy so believe me or not but I saw Thriller video only after '89. I was never a screaming fan or a stalker, now I wish I was, though :sigh:but he was always with me.I can't find the right words but you know the feeling.I feel like Michael is mine, is part of my being.I prefer being with him than my family wow I just said that :sad2:
    Oh yeah, we always have something to attend on his birthday and we all meet up on June 25th too :sigh: Usually at the 02..
    Too true... :lol:

    Hey... In case you don't see this, you may be interested in this thread. :)

    Dutch MJ Fans
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