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  • Sorry, never wanted to make you (or others) sad with my comment in the Coroner's report thread :better: That thought just crossed my mind while reading through the report... But I'm glad you liked the comment anyway (more or less..) and thanks for the rep points. :flowers:
    I'm so sad and depressed, as always. I miss Michael so much. I would give anything to bring him back... :weeping: :depressed:
    Hey...Marry Christ mas to you too!:D And a happy new year. Hoping for a little bit better year than 2009! :)

    hey just dropping by to see how you are doing? i hope you had a wonderful Christmas. And a blessed new year to come. xoxo
    thank you, friend. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you, too. L.O.V.E. always.
    Hi, I've read your PM.. thank you.. I'm really tired tonight; but your words always comfort me. You will receive a PM tomorrow..

    All my love to you and sleep tight..
    Hello dear! How are you? Is everything ok? Sorry for taking so long to reply back.. I'm so sad.. I just wanna cry.. :weeping:

    I hope you will have a great time with your family and recharge your batteries...Wishing you a magical Christmas and a happy new year! May our angel watch over you...Hugs!
    Hi lovely. How are you doing?

    I had send you a message today, but only just realised it has not been sent to you.......sending you much love and ((HUGS))
    I know. But it's difficult coping right now. I find myself sad and depressed, distant from everyone. Even though I have a smile on my face it's fake becuase my heart is aching. I'm really depressed. It's really hard for me right now. I want to cry on someone's shoulder so bad, but I don't know who to run to. No one understands me. I don't want to accept that Michael's gone. I still don't want to believe that he's actually not here anymore. It hurts really really bad...:weeping:

    Love you too. :heart:
    thanks for your friendship, support, and for being a Michael fan. it's amazing what we have to deal with, isn't it? i can only imagine what HE had to deal with..
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