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  • hummm.... i don't know, i wasn't very impressed with Santa Barbara. 3 days there was too long for me. then got to LA and I was ready to come home.
    LA isn't very tourist friendly.
    well, this summer was the first time i had been to the sea/beach and unfortunately it was Santa Barbara.
    oh, i didn't go anywhere though. i just had to turn the tv off, not listen to any music, stay away from the internet........ after the VMA and madge's speech i had to become a "hermit" just for a couple of days.
    sorry to hear you weren't able to take a break though. we all need something or somewhere to go to recharge. especially after this summer.
    thanks for the rep. glad you liked the comment.

    how are you? i love looking at your mj avatar. he is boooooootiful.
    thank you.... i needed that. and woooooooo hooooooooo..... mjs in gold pants. hottie hottie.

    thanks for the gift.
    i did when i was a child ..... i was a rascal as a child, a tomboy really.... but yea.. had a tree i would climb and had so much fun. then we moved here and no more tree's to climb.
    aww.... wow..
    love jimmie, spencer,ingrid,bing...dean and frank... luv ella.
    boystown,bell's of st mary, its a wonderful life, all time favs. yea.all the classic movies.
    life was much more simpler and decent. i love the way men wore suits, hats,.... all that stuff.
    gawd we have so much in common.
    how about climbing trees? did i ask u this b4? lol
    yea.... all roads lead to our dearest michael. I love FRED, Gene, ginger, liz, .....

    i feel like i was born in the wrong era sometimes. i feel like i should have been born and lived during there generation.
    one of the biggest appealing thing is that connection and appreciation michael had for those people as well.

    not going to even mention the three stooges... LOL.
    haha- young brando in black leather jacket....woooooooooo.. .smokin' hot. the man was FFFFINE!!!!!!! lol. his face was ageless.....
    looks like we have more than mj in common.
    auwww.... yea you are not alone. i stayed up til early morning crying my eyes out. i cried all morning... by noon i had to force myself out the house. just got back from a 5 hour walk.... my eyes hurt, my heart aches, out of tears, but sooo sad.
    just when i thought i was learning to deal with it..... BAM!!!!! its like june 25, july 7 again. yesterday was worst..... imo.... seeing the tears in liz and katie and the kids and joe.... hearing janet have a hard time.... everybody really.
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