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  • Hiya.
    How are you doing?
    Just thought I'd pop by and say Hi :yes:
    Have you had any convos with MJ lately? Hope you dont mind me asking.
    I always think of that time in the psychics thread. :wub:
    Sending positive thoughts to you.:angel:
    Hi. Coincidentally, I was at the supermarket today and saw the current issue of Allure with Diane Kruger (Lisa) on the cover:
    It was a pentagon.:D There was Matt and Lisa. Matt and Alex. Matt and Rebecca. Lisa and Daniel. Alex and Luke.:D
    That's fair.:)

    Just for the record, even though I feel sorry for Rebecca, I'm glad he wound up with his true love, Lisa, despite all the obstacles. Yes, I've been told I'm a bit of a "sentimentalist."
    Are you sure you don't like him just because he's also known as Josh Hotnett?:D
    As for Rebecca, they were about to get married and he ditched her just like that at the airport!
    You're welcome. I saw Wicker Park in the cinema and I've also seen it on DVD a couple of times. Sometimes I think Josh Hartnett is a bit stiff but other times I think his choices as an actor are quite believable. I think the female leads, particularly Rose Byrne, are stronger. Matthew Lillard was very good in both the dramatic and comedic aspects of his role. I felt sorry for Rebecca, Matthew's fiance although it was the prelude to his poignant reuniting with Lisa.
    No problem! And awww yeah girl i'm hanging in there as I bet we all are. I'm really missing MJ :-(. I'm gonna bea mess on the 25th....Well I hope you're good. TTYL. Keep Michaeling!
    oh no! D-word huh? shame shame, hopefully he finds some happiness ;) Do you like the new chick?

    I miss u all too, haven't been on MJJC period in like 2 months, but you guys are always in my heart ;) Happy 2010 and I hope it's an amazing year for you! :friends:
    Wow thanks for the pic! :wub: Merry Christmas to you too, sending lots of hugs and love your way xxxx
    wwooow beautiful! :heart: thank youu

    :newyear: Merry Christmas to you xx

    Wishing you a beautiful day full of L.O.V.E :heart:
    Thank you for that lovely xmas card :wub: And merry christmas:santa_elf: I hope you have a lovely time!
    Wow thank you!
    I loved that pictire. Hope you have an amazing Christmas.
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