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  • haha!!
    Yesss! i still live in the MH thread!! :naughty:
    Although im on NF :heat: AND another 18+ forum!! :lmao: :lmao:
    im doing goood!!
    its been a while Rileyyy!! :huggy:
    how are u doing?? :p
    The school is fine.. But I am so afraid for the exam next year :/
    I think I consist english and danish.. but I think I will dump in math lol :)
    We have only math, english and danish in our school.. :D
    Aw. Yeah it's been a long time.. :( :huggy: :heart:
    I am very well.. How are you? :) :heart:
    Can't wait for the new album :D
    Ooooh communication and media sounds very interesting! That'd be cool working behind the scenes and things. You must be creative :D
    Yeah I just all things health and science related, and wanted to do something like treating patients :)
    Thanks I'll need all the luck I can get lol :p
    I study dentistry.....ugh...and next year is my final year. How about you, do you study or work or something? :flowers:
    Sounds like you had a really nice birthday weekend! Good to hear :D
    My weekend was fun too, I went to a little party on Saturday which was great with lots of dancing. Sunday was just a lazy day and now I'm studying for all my end of year exams, eeek -_-
    I'm ok, thanks. Just the same old routine :lol:

    Hope to see you around sometimes :hug:
    No it's not. it's apart of your username. I could get confused & call you The0! LOL

    omg, I just remembered something. Did I tell you about the time when, my global history teacher was sick & didn't come & so Veddie took over my class & when I was leaving the class he He was holding the door & he tapped my back & said "Good job today." & smiled at me then I smiled back & said thanks???? :D LOL!
    Rileyyyyyy :shifty:

    I've been idk. all over the place, I haven't been on because I just don't want to be on. Nothing personally about you Riles, I love you. But, just things going on in my life, I have extra stresses, unfortunately. :( I'll try to catch you on tommrow. If not then we'd definetly talk on the weekends! :D

    See ya later The0 :p LOL.
    Yeah, you're actually right :)

    Never been out of Australia? You're missing out girl! :giggle:
    Which places would you like to see most?
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