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  • Merry Christmas
    Hey Thijs,
    Thanx for the event afgelopen vrijdag..! Great job!..
    It did us all good... thank you..
    Hi Thijzzz,

    I just came to this Forum and read about the letter Marika got about Michael's health conditions. Could u please, forward it to me in private? I already knew this from some followers, such as Justin,Sandy etc.. who were in LA in May and met Michael. This is extremely important to me, since I'm trying to make a puzzle of what has happened and this letter could be really important to understand much more. I can ask other fans, but I prefer getting it from u who posted. I think Marika is the blond short cut hair, right? Take care Laura
    BLAAAAAAAAH wat een teringzooi toch allemaal weer. Je zou Michael en zeker Kenny Ortega en die lompe kerel van AEG toch het liefst met d'r kop tegen de muur smijten? Ik ben echt boos. Ook namens jou! ;)
    hey Thijs, hoe is het ermee? nogsteeds in Eindhoven?
    Of heb ik de verkeerde voor me?

    groet, Lesley
    hey did u sell ur spare tickets already? i have a friend who is interested. send me a pm if u still have at least one. thanks! ;)
    Hey, zou je me je kaartje willen verkopen? Ik zou zelfs meer willen betalen, pls?

    pls let me know.
    hey! your pm isn't on! I merged your thread 1 ticket left for Aug. 3th into a buy/sell/trade thread :)
    hey, I was wondering if you still wanted to help with the video competition? :) let me know when you can, thanks!
    pls check your mail (hotmail) that you gave here, i have mailed you about something :) thx!
    hoi je had mij en mijn zoontje uitgenodigd weet je nog via de email m.haerkens@chello kunnen wij nog naar de after party of moet je dan tickets voor thriller life hebben???:(
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