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    I wonder if we are ever going to see the Man in the Mirror performance from United We Stand (2001)

    ? I think Bad is an exceptionally good album. Nearly perfect even.
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    Hot topic What unreleased demos and remixes do you think will be on Thriller 40 Disc 2?

    And OTW 30 had no demos whatsoever. Though, some nice chalk. Also, someone mentioned the 5th anniversary of Scream. I hat completely forgotten this existed. Also had no new stuff, though.
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    Hot topic What unreleased demos and remixes do you think will be on Thriller 40 Disc 2?

    Putting Sunset Driver and Can't Get Outta the Rain on this album would be really stupid. Not only do they belong to the OTW era, but the latter song also has already been released. They both would have fitted on the OTW chalk album quite well. If they are really gonna be released on Thriller 40...
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    Hot topic What unreleased demos and remixes do you think will be on Thriller 40 Disc 2?

    I agree with many people that Got the Hots would have fitted more on disc3. I mean, songs that have previously been in a limited release? Fits the song perfectly. I guess that makes Carousel being on disc2 as well pretty likely. Starlight, Niteline and Slapstick / Hotstreet are a safe bet. Put...
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    New MJ content (Possibility)

    Re: New MJ content? I was in the Brad seminar where he showed a video of the decorated studio. Brad said Michael didn't record any vocals for the christmas song.
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    Did the Estate plan to release the Triumph Tour in 2010?

    Damn, I can't remember the details and don't have a source. But I also remember that there have been talks about a Jacksons tour in the past, and that some of the brothers did not want to release it. Does anybody else have some more information?
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    Was there a planned album after 'Invincible'?

    You know what could be just the thing most fans want? Some kind of MJ streaming service like Netflix. Charge like 10$/€ per month and put up all MJ albums + music videos + concerts and other stuff. Add alternate takes, early demos, recording session audio and videos, rehearsals and bonus stuff...
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    Was there a planned album after 'Invincible'?

    Holy shit this is some intriguing stuff! If that's true (and it could be if this its directly from RedOne), that would be huge! RedOne was one of the hottest producers during that time. And it would mean that there are some usable MJ post trial tracks after all. Do you have a link to that...
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    This Is It 10th Anniversary Boxset

    It was Michael Prince in some special podcast (100th Episode or smth like that)
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    Was there a planned album after 'Invincible'?

    Thats because he didn't. Neither NeYo nor Brad Buxer, Prince etc confirmed MJ recorded them. Brad said MJ recorded very little in 2008 and Prince said im 2009 it was all TII.
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    Michael Jackson's Ex-Publicist Calls a Press Conference About His Legacy

    Re: Michael Jackson's publicist to make mystery announcement about his legacy I recommend not clicking on these links in order to avoid giving these tabloids attention. Especially the Sun (2nd link) does not deserve clicks. It just says that Baine will hold a press conference without being...
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    100 Episodes Anniversary from "The MJCast": " Brad Buxer Special"

    Yes, he even explains this Situation in detail.
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    100 Episodes Anniversary from "The MJCast": " Brad Buxer Special"

    Yo guys, whats up with you? Finally there are some really interesting new and positive infos about MJs music and nobody seems really interested in it? The interview with Brad is awesome, he seems like a really good guy. Sadly, he mentions there is not much song material from the later years...
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    New book? 'All The Songs: The Story Behind Every Track'

    Is there any new info for the hardcore fans? Joe Vogels book for instance was great to read, but hardly shared new insights. And does it cover only album tracks, or also outtakes, posthumous stuff and unreleased stuff?
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    Your Favourite MJ Summer Song

    Re: Your favourite MJ summer song I'd vote for Beautiful Girl. It has a warm summer feel to me. Its a crime there are no complete vocals.