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  • Never mind, it's the one I haven't got of the 3 tracks that I know of to have been leaked in full and was better than STTR from what I remember.
    Hey, don't suppose you have a download link to Blue Gangsta/Gangster/Goongstoo do you?
    I reckon they just pussied out on DYKWYCA because of the song title and the obvious jokes it may attract. I'm seriously surprised at how much I enjoy the album though. I thought it would be like T25, I'd play once and then put away, but I've had it on repeat since the day it came out. I even like Monster, even though I think it's only MJ on the first verse.
    Great Xmas thanks. You? I just downloaded STTR yesterday. It's okay. Good enough to be on the album, but not as good as DYKWYCA. Still love Behind The Mask. I'm still amazed at how good the album is. Such a shame about the fake stuff. I really struggle to find a motive beind it. I think Sony were unaware to be honest, and genuinely thought it was him.
    No, I don't do leaks. I'm waiting til it drops through my letterbox from HMV. Looking forward to it.
    Just listened again, there's no hope in hell it's him. It sounds like Peter Andre.
    Blimey, where's all this coming from? And why when there's all this real stuff did Sony release the fake one????
    I've heard it. HA! I don't get why they'd be so stupid. It's incomprehensible to me, it really is. This should have been so good.
    Wowsers. Not that I agree with the song title (pure fodder for tabloids & jokes) but def him & sounds funky! This is stuff to get excited about. Thanks a lot.
    This is something else though, even in the crazy MJ world. I think about 20% of it is him and the rest is filler. Crazy that anyone thought it would work though.

    I listened this morning and didn't think too much of it, thought it was my imagination at first, then came on here and it was like someone shot the Pope!
    Certainly am. Don't like the journalist bit, been done at least twice before but the beat sounds exciting & fresh. I hope with all my heart it's Classic Jackson. I'm tremendously more excited that I thought I would be. What do you think?
    Well it needs to have a lot more stuff on it for me to buy it. I hate the fact that you're forced to buy everything again for the sake of the new stuff. Really looking forward to the new album though and the Bad Tour if that's true. I promised myself I'd never buy another repackage again! I even put the TII soundtrack on my Xmas list last year rather than buy it myself!
    That all sounds ace. If that all proves to be true then I'll be happy man!
    I'm still in 2 minds about it. Part of me really wants it, the other half thinks it'll water down his legacy. Anything that sounds like Black Eyed Peas, Ne-yo, Akon will be a travesty in my eyes. I'd rather not have it. Lenny Kravitz I'm more okay with, he's a proper musician although I've never been a fan.
    Hey! This is the first time I can post on your page! Hurrah.

    I'm fine thanks. Some very funny threads on here at present. It makes me laugh. You okay?
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