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  • :better: ah yeah i understand, i know it is horrible when friends go awol hun
    you are never alone thriller hun
    so i will see you on fb then :)
    hey babe x
    it is and it makes me fairly depressed if i stay on for too long
    :wacko:who is sham , but old moon is on my facebook i feel a bit of re uniting going on then yay :D
    my fb is Wendi Jane II :flowers: i hope we talk soon xx
    awww :( (hugging you ) no its ok . i understand i kno its diffrent now i know :angel:
    do you go on fb ?
    thats where i hang out now im ok babe cant sleep , ty for asking. it is lovely to talk to you again
    thriller you looked me up , remembered me warms my heart
    how are you and
    happy new year sweetie
    Oh right on, I'm from Sudbury, ON, but I've been living in Grande Prairie for 2 and a half years...
    ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((:)heart:))))))))))) hello dere my sweet friend :huggy: sending you love , am thinking of you .
    :wild:no , you know , i havnt herd of it ~ :lol:but it sounds pure magical :yes:, it sounds like a magical place to me , do you have msn i would love to yapp more ,maybe do a story or somat somehow ? just for fun one time ? :huggy: aw hun !:heart: your message has moved me ~bless you . i love you totaly too ....., sweetheart..i kno its so ....hard and its easy for me to say *bighugs*but try to stay focused @ school and know you are very much loved here and by me too .
    xox. i love you .xox
    wow, you also have changed your profile's colour,
    well,its really so cool~~~
    you know, i'm confused on the colour....

    oh yes, i should say "hi" to you first,
    and i'm so far haven't to see you...
    How are you doing???
    Hope you all well^^my friend
    and what will you do on 29August,2009???????
    what do i say to that ?
    i think your a warm and beautiful person ..ty so much for worrying about me , you dont need to worr tooooooooo much about macagal though:lol: im a.... tough -ish cookie monster...thing ..:unsure: so ive been told :blush: :lol: but ty for caring my sweet.
    *warm huggs*
    i worry about you , i worry about all of us on here , how was camp baby , was it fun ?:yes:
    and then where ? ...where ? im intriged cause i havnt herd of there bfore
    please , tell me more :wub:
    ty for your sweet ness to me , i appricate it sweetie..i do
    man i miss our mike .:better:
    awww......i missed you sweetie ~i hope we can yap sometime soon :wub:
    please take care thriller sweetie xox
    :huggy:hey babe how are you darlin here wow ...filled with emotions
    your so sweet for your message bless you babe
    im here , sad ..but still here ..holdin on you kno ? :huggy:
    hi Thriller Wolf.. I was just wondering how is it coming along with the video project? Let me know if you need any help! :hug:
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