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  • You're definitely right about that. ;)
    The Devils Nectar???? LOL you are not even drinking beer? I thought the scottish love to drink lots of beer or is it the irish? :laugh: btw, I have to visit Scotland one day.. it looks amazing..:blush: one day...Scotland & Ireland..:lol:
    oh so you don't drink at all? no, I wouldn't say that Alcohol is evil..if you know to drink its very good. :D if you don't then its evil.
    hahaha am I supposed to feel better now? :lol: age doesn't matter its just a number after all..mentally I feel like a kid sometimes. ;)
    You're welcome Rock star. ;)
    bahaha yeah you got me..I'm old I know. :laugh:
    so what are you planning to do on your birthday? just don't get drunk..:nono: (now I really feel old hahaha) jk. :D
    Happy Birthday!!! :D 21 years old? you're still a baby. :lol:
    Have a wonderful day!

    And I should add too considering I filled 1000 characters and couldn't have any more that Sorry I think is aimed at all those who doubted Axl to keep a band together and release an album - the record label, the press and former band members (most of them anyway).
    I love Shackler's Revenge - nice noisy industrial track and the orchestra in Prostitute is beautiful. So is There Was A Time, IRS (not sure how it could have been an Illusions track as many reviewers said) and This I Love.

    Oh and the other one - Sorry and Madagascar too. The whole album is brilliant. Better I'm starting to get into but not as much as the others. I've done a remix of Shackler's that I'm working on - I'm trying to do an ending bass line and sample some kind of weird sound at the end, like a little girl screaming. I'm excited for a new album if another one ever does come to see what else he spent 10 years working hard on apart from firing people and in between rehearsals.

    The other good thing about it apart from some great lyrics is Buckethead. My god can that man play some mean guitar - listen to the beginning of Shackler's - the 'da da daaaaa da da daaaa wo-wo-wo-wo wo-wo-wo-wo' bit before Axl's deep vocals come in. You ever tried any of his stuff?
    I like you even more now that you like GNR. One of my current favourite bands. Nothing wrong with any of those bands but I'm more hard rock and experimental.

    As I ask anyone into music: what'd you think of Chinese Democracy?
    They were young at the time of SBS though and Under A Blood Red Sky - which if you can get your hands on the remastered DVD then that's even better. Took me a long time to like Under A Blood Red Sky even though I'm a huge fan of their live stuff. Ironic but true.

    They're a good band still - bringing out good songs from time to time but mainly in the 00s their music just wasn't as good as it could have been judging from demos and whatnot.

    What other bands you into?
    It was a good DVD but I do wonder what was going through the directors mind during Vertigo. I mean, look at how he shot it - gives you vertigo alright.

    The Joshua Tree LA one if it's the one I'm thinking is my favourite one of all next to a Lovetown DVD - can't remember where it's shot but it is fantastic watch. Johannesburg is a good one from the shots I've seen; don't think I have it in video, maybe audio I do.

    The early shows from 1981 and 82 are great - Werchter and Devore are hillariously bad yet still great great shows. I haven't any 360 bootlegs in video but from what I've seen Rose Bowl is about the best. Yet I said that about Vertigo and the Buenos Aires show is excellent regardless of Bono's vocal issues.
    I've got like 250 of them but at least 150 (not 250 otherwise they'd ALL suck) are really poor quality, going right back to 1976. My favourite tour has to be Lovetown - the one from Rattle And Hum. Have you got the New Year's 1989 shows from then? The best shows they ever did.

    Think the first one I got was Slane Castle but then started getting loads of bootleg DVDs and watching all those. Some of those are fantastic watches.
    I've got that recording somewhere of the whole show and remember hearing it live on the broadcast - I followed the promo show and the tour shows on Vertigo and in 2004, but not as much as I have for No Line with the promos and getting up at 6am to hear the Sheffield show live.

    If you're gonna get NLOTH get it as cheap as you can (like don't go paying it for the price of a new album) and avoid the boxset because the whole album is a bit more difficult to get into than the last two if you're more into the pop-rock of the last two. But still very nice yet bland and basic-sounding.

    How cool that would be to see big three acts like that. I've been to an Alice Cooper show and that's about the biggest yet.
    The Unforgettable Fire is an amazing abstract and ambient experience. Great great great album. Oddly enough on TUF my favourite track is Elvis And America. A lot of people hate it but I reckon it's kind of experimental. Bad comes a close second and Wire is right up there.

    Pop and Zooropa are kinda acquired tastes but All You Can't Leave Behind and Bomb have about three or four songs each I like, which would have made an awesome album on their own. Yet, their new record - the Horizon one - isn't a bad effort but more of the same and I hear influences from each of their past records.
    Thank you! :D
    Give In To Me is one of my fave tracks of all time too.. Slash & Michael, what a great combination! ;)
    oh and Michael looks so hot in that video. :)
    okay... seeing your posts and stuff i've figured out we have some similiar music tastes :p GO US lol
    I totally agree and Freddie Mercury has a much better voice than Axl, we cant even compare the two but a wonderful tribute, Axl rocks! ;)
    oh now I feel a little embarrassed. :blush: I’m joking.. :toofunny: Its still cool though.. Bohemian Rhapsody? wow :wub: one of my fave
    wow that's amazing! I wish I knew how to play. :blush:
    I'm hoping to learn one day! ;) And if you know to play the song one its pretty impressive. :flowers:
    hehe :D :waving: Hello to you to my fellow rocker. ;)
    I’m great, thanks for are you?
    I saw your pictures the other day with the cool you know how to play? :)
    oh good stuff.. I don't hear Iron Maiden at all but they have some great songs. I need to check Bruce Dickinson cuz the name doesn't ring a bell. One of my fave bands is Aerosmith. Imagine Steven Tyler and Michael in a cool that could be? ;) I also like the Beatles.. Old Rock is the best, no doubt! Today's music is not that good...not good at all.
    Many rock bands will be performing here..Metallica, Megadeth, Ozzy will come too..I have no idea if I'm going, I'm still waiting for Coldplay :lol: and other bands that I really like but I can wait forever ;).. aww I'll check them now, thanks! :D the oldies are the best! :heart:
    I'd love to see Coldplay live too, they were supposed to come to a concert in my country but I don't think they will. :(
    Fix you is my favourite song of them. :wub:
    Sure I know U2, they have amazing songs..I love Coldplay :wub: & R.E.M are good too but I don't know so many of their songs. :D again, you have good taste! :)
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