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  • Thanks! :blush:
    Yes, that’s very true, Axl Rose was very influenced by Freddie like so many other artists. he is my fave artist after Michael.. an amazing singer and performer! Of course I listen to other stuff..I love music! :D So do you like other rock bands? ;)
    Hello again! :D
    Thanks for the rep points. :flowers: I love G N' R (the old G N' R lol). I also saw on another thread that you like Queen! ;) One of my favourite bands too. :) You have good taste in music. ;) :wub:
    Hey, how are you? :)
    I just wanted to show my support. :flowers: and so sorry to see the ugly comments that you were receiving on that thread but lots of comments were supportive too. that's good! You said it right: "Prejudice is ignorance." why people can't respect the others even if they don't agree with their way of lives? just a little respect. We are all human beings and we are all the same. :) Be proud of yourself. :hug:
    thanx you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much for sharing on the thread .
    that pic is so special , tresure it babes :huggy:
    bless you thriller .
    Hey dont worry about it, I'm from Possil Park, near maryhill.. so hows your day been?
    Hey sorry for the late reply. I have been doing alright. I still miss Michael, and think about him everyday. Did you ever find your mobile? Hope you did. How are things for you? I have been working a lot, and have been tired. I am going to see Navi tonight, cause he is here in Plymouth doing a that'll be good. Gotta run! Talk at you later! *HUGZ*
    lol sorry. My name is Sarah and my hubby's name is Sam. I gave you his moby number cause mine isn't working at the moment. I never use my msn. I only use my email, myspace and here.
    Yea dude! Maybe we all could meet up and mingle. Not sure what time we will arrive.. I am guessing pretty early. Not sure where we will be at the time so the best thing to do is take our mobile number, then you could call us on the day and see where we are. My hubby's moby# 07948 398729. Save it in your phone! Did you by any chance get anyone else's contacts from that day at the O2? (from the group we hung around with) Such a small world!
    OMG!! DO you remember me? I'm the one who let you listen to Metallica on my ipod. Dude how funny is that?! I'm gonna add you! I was like, damn I never got any contacts. How have you been? You going the concert? My hubby and I are going to opening night! We had to go ebay though, cause ticketmaster was a b*tch. So stoked! Holla back!
    Hey, were you at the O2 when MJ did his announcement and were you wearing a Metallica shirt?? Just wondering, cause from your profile, you sound like one of the fans I was hanging out with. I never got to get any emails or anything. If it's not you, than I am sorry for sounding like an idiot. ;P and it's nice to meet you anyway! msg me back! If this is the right person, I was the American chick with short blonde hair. LOL Holla back and keep Michaeling!
    ~~Sarah aka cyberjackson
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